The first time I saw her was somewhere on October 2006. I don’t remember the date, Mommy don’t remember it either…I think it was because she didn’t realize that I’ll be an important part of her life. I came to her because my previous owner got bored with me 😦 .


Mommy’s little brother asked her about having a small turtle and she said yes immediately. One night, he put me inside a mineral water bottle and slipped it on his bag. I didn’t remember what happened on my way to her, it was dark.

When I finally saw light, I saw her 🙂 She put me on her hand and I heard her saying ‘ow how cute!!’. She started looking for a small container to put me in. She took me inside her room. The container was too shallow, I could climb up and ran away from that container. She became panic and looked for me everywhere. That’s how I knew that she really loved me.

I brought a ‘friend’ along with me, in spite of that fact she still didn’t want to let me go. She took good care of me ever since.

The moment I saw her, I knew she’ll become a good mommy for me and I won’t be abandoned ever again. Now, I can see that I fill a big part in her life as she fills the biggest part of my life.

Mommy and I


About Kame (R.I.P)

I am a 5 years old Red Ear Slider who happen to be so Narcissist and love sharing about my life and other turtle-ish story

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