Hi…this is my first post in my turtles’ blog, I decided to introduce these next funny pictures of my turtles by myself because both Kame and Kroten are embarrassed with these pictures and none of them want to give the opening words.

Let me tell you something, turtles are greedy!! All they can think about is FOOD, FOOD and nothing but FOOD.

One night, Kame was out of her tank and started sniffing around. I followed her every movement. The sniffing stopped in from of her pellet’s jar, apparently I forgot to put it back on the shelf.

See the picture below, she tried to open the lit with her mouth. It wouldn’t open, of course. The quality of the picture is not good because Kame moved so fast.

And then, she tried to eat the whole jar instead 😉 silly girl!

I guess she was feeling sorry that she couldn’t open the lid with her hand and hoping to have hand like a monkey ;p

Another picture that makes me laugh is this one. I put the lid on the ground and Kroten started sniffing it, and then she decided to bite the lid and carried it near to her tank so that she could swallow it (water turtles can not swallow without the present of water). Kroten’s act itself had made me laugh so hard, but I noticed something else that made me laugh harder. Look at Kame’s expression!! She was on the top right corner.

She had a longing face and I think she was also jealous, I believe she was thinking like this: ‘WTH!!, mommy gives her a huge food and I was here without anything to eat. Hmm…maybe I can steal it from her’

These are extra pictures. These pictures were taken last year.

I let the lid opens and observe what will Kame do to the jar. First, she smelled it, then she turned around to find the perfect place to climb up. When she finally found it, she used one of her hand to hold her self up and the other hand to cling on the jar. I held the jar on the other side because I didn’t want Kame to push it. I didn’t want her to eat the pellets, so I lifted her up and closed the jar again.


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