Although this post will make our mommy seems a bit stupid but we decided to write this to educate people like her.

I do not own the royalty for this picture.

Have you ever seen an animation where the turtle gets out of his shell?

That kinda of animation sort of give impression that we are like Hermit Crab, as if we can change our shell whenever we feel like it…or at least we can really unattached our shell from our shell.

Well…Mommy actually BELIEVES that turtles are like that…she really thought that turtle can be taken out of its shell.

The truth is…

WE ARE ATTACHED TO OUR SHELL!! Our shell is like our bone, it grows with us. We shed it per-scute once we need ‘new’ shell.

Mommy finally knew the truth after she had me and started observing my body. She was saying like this: “Eh? The meat is attached to the shell? Ow, so they stuck in it forever…hehehe I thought they can take it off” <<< Silly woman!

We decided to write this because one of mommy’s students asked her whether turtles can take off their shell or not. He also thought that turtles are like hermit crab.

About Kame (R.I.P)

I am a 5 years old Red Ear Slider who happen to be so Narcissist and love sharing about my life and other turtle-ish story

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  1. Asop says:

    Ouch, kalo kura2 dipaksa keluar dari kulitnya… 😦
    Hiiiiiii!! 😯

  2. That is interesting knowledge! To me, I see a turtle’s shell as his/her home. And each home is like a unique architectural design because of the variations in markings. No two turtles are alike! I’m sure the same goes for Kame and Kroten 😉

    • Kame says:

      That’s right! Both our shell and skin pattern are special, just like human fingerprint, no turtle has same pattern.

  3. sara says:

    Kame you are so cute. With a big flashing poster like that no one will EVER confuse the two of you like that again.

    • Kame says:

      We are just learning to make gif animation…really difficult, it’s easier to edit picture. Animation is too difficult for turtle claws

  4. even I knew that turtles are attached to their shells!!!! lol. Geeze! 🙂

  5. Binky says:

    I knew turtles were attached to their shells, but I didn’t really know how they shed them when they needed a new shell.

  6. Tony McGurk says:

    The MEAT is attached to the shell??? Calling you meat is like viewing you as food!!! Was Mummy thinking of making turtle soup??? 😀
    I didn’t know turtles shed their shells either. That’s a cute cartoon of the little guy out of his shell.

    • Kame says:

      whuaaaa….you’re right! she should call it as flesh, right?

      I better ask her was she considering me as a food or a pet when she first saw me.

      On Mon Apr 18th, 2011 4:33 PM ICT

  7. Deboshree says:

    Hermit crab? Hermit crab??
    Thank God you wrote this one guys – now people won’t make that sort of mistake. 😀

  8. Caroline says:

    I knew that but only because if been in “contact” with tortoises since I was very little and assumed turtles are similar.

  9. Kame says:

    @Deboshree We are glad it can educate people as silly as mommy 😉

    @Caroline You are lucky, Aunt Caroline…you knew since you were little. We are a bit ashamed with our mommy.
    Did you have a tortoise when you were little?

    • Caroline says:

      No but my mother had one and told me all about it. She was very little when she had it and it died because she let it on the balcony in the scorching sun. She felt very guilty but she was only six years old. Her parents should have known better.

  10. […] fashion show in the post, When I was the Only One, or the entertaining yet educational posts, like Turtle Fact # 1, We Are Not Hermit Crab.  Bookmark this site.  It will become a cult favorite in your bookmarks […]

  11. BlueSkyShiningBright says:

    I also thought turtles can take off their shell but its a no

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