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About Novroz

I actively maintained 2 blogs. My personal blog is about things that I love: Turtles, Books, Movies, Music, Larc en Ciel, Muse, Cillian Murphy, The Mighty Boosh and many more. I also help my 3 super cute turtles, Kroten, Papoe and Kurome, to maintain their own blog: https://kamekroten.wordpress.com

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  1. Novroz says:

    I couldn’t choose which edited picture I want to share…I ended up uploading all of them.

    My favorite is the first one,they look like they are sleeping on the cloud. Which one do you like?

  2. Deboshree says:

    Oh my! Such beautiful pics. I have to say for the nth time, those babies of yours are so intricately made! πŸ™‚

    • Novroz says:

      You’re really fast πŸ˜‰
      I haven’t written my comment to ask which edited picture do you like…and your sweet comment already appeared *hug*

  3. Awww, that’s very sweet. Is that Kroten giving Kame a peck on the nose? Or the other way around? Sorry, I’m still learning to differentiate their markings πŸ˜€

    • Novroz says:

      Kroten is the one on the right…and yes she was the one who gave Kame a peck on the nose.

      This picture was taken last night. They were sleeping near me side by side and then Kroten moved and then sniffed Kame’s nose and finally put her head near Kame. I took my camera right away.

      I didn’t use flashlight because I didn’t want to wake them up. That’s why the picture’s quality isn’t too good

      • It’s so funny that you had your camera right by you in bed—always ready to capture that special moment. The photo turned out really well! I wouldn’t have known it was taken in dim lighting. You did a great job in saving it πŸ˜€

      • Novroz says:

        they often do something interesting, I dont want to miss anything. hehehe you should see the clutter on the table next to my bed.

        Thank you Maple’s mom.

  4. yes that is soooooooooo sweet!

  5. NewToReno says:

    Awww. That’s sweet. I had some red eared sliders when I was a kid and loved them dearly.

  6. Bikram says:

    hmmm wel maybe i am blind but whats the difference most of them look exactly same to me .. other then the last one

    but the two of them seems to be having fun πŸ™‚

    • Novroz says:

      They all have small differences,the first one is whiter, the second one is sharper,the third one is like a canvas and the fourth one is like using … ehmm I don’t know the name in English, probably water oil is the closest meaning.

  7. Caroline says:

    Those little cuties…

  8. Ed says:

    Too cute..:-)

  9. Beth Ann says:

    Aw they are adorable!!! I think they look like they are snuzzling!!! I like the first one!!

  10. Novroz says:

    Thank you Caroline, Ed and Beth Ann πŸ™‚
    I also like the first one

  11. catcalls says:

    What good buddies they are. I love the last one. Your editing makes everything so sharp and colorful.

    • Novroz says:

      I am really glad they turn into such good buddies, they were always fighting when they first met.

      Thanks, I tried to make it sharper but those are the best I can do.

  12. Tony McGurk says:

    Awwww… Such sweet babies sleeping peacefully. You both look so cute

  13. Binky says:

    That’s a very nice picture of the two of you! It’s nice to see that you can get along so well.

    I like the last picture the best as it looks like a drawing and it brings out your skin patterns nicely.

    • Kame says:

      We tried to … it’s been 3 years, we got to know each other better now.

      Ah… you’re right, we didn’t realize that our pattern look more beautiful in that picture.

  14. What a sweet photo! I love that you uploaded all the different edits. I was thinking about doing that too with some of my photos. It would be good practice, too!

    • Novroz says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚
      I only did this when the quality of the picture is not good.Most my pictures of my turtles are indoor,so sometimes there wasn’t enough light.

  15. BlueSkyShiningBright says:

    I like the 1st and 2nd picture their cute hactchlings

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