Few days ago, I read an interesting post by Didi Wright, she was talking about someone she knew that collect so many things related to their dogs (check out her post here). It reminded me of a post I had for quite some time in my draft post. I never really sure whether to publish it or not, seeing her post made me decide to finally published it (with some changes).

I have 3 things that totally related to Kame and Kroten, I have shared them all in either this blog or my personal blog.

You might think that I am too proud of them but I think my feeling is like any mother with their own children. Mothers always collect something that shows their children’s progress. This case is perfectly applied to this decoration that had been shared by Kame before; the title was They Are Finally On The Wall. These are Kame’s first scutes. I framed it and hang it on my bedroom’s wall. (To know what scute is, you need to read her post)

The next item I have on my wall is Kame’s drawing. It was drawn by my best friend, Meri. Kame has also shared about this in her post titled Drawn by a Genius where she also put the original picture.

This last one is my special made bookmarks. I am a book worm, I always read a book on my way to work or heading back home…as a book worm, I need few bookmarks ready to use. I have shared this idea in my own post titled New Bookmarks. I edited Both Kame and Kroten’s pictures, print it in photo paper and then cover it with laminating plastic (that is what we call it here in my country). I have made 3 bookmarks and will make new ones when all three of them had broken.

Here are the original files in the post I have linked back.

You have seen 3 items that related to Kame and Kroten… Now, let’s see items that related to turtles in general.

Here are my 3 turtle brooches, I use it for my Jilbab (Muslim’s Veil). I only bought the one on the right, the other two (the blue one and the flower looking one) are given by my best friends. They knew how much I love turtles.

These two stuff dolls were something I bought because they looked cute. It’s quite hard not to buy something turtle-ish because they always look so cute.

I love this picture, Kame looks like asking Kroten “what’s that silly thing on your shell?

The last one I have is a cute turtle eraser. I don’t use it to erase anything. I just like to have it and I put it on my bookshelf.

I used to have a cute turtle clay ornament, my brother gave it to me, but it was lost when we moved to our current house.

You have seen my turtle collection. Beside that collection, I also use their pictures as my mobile phone wallpaper as well as my computer.

So…now, let me ask you all…Am I obsessed? Have I overdone it? Have I turned into Didi Wright’s acquaintance?


About Novroz

I actively maintained 2 blogs. My personal blog is about things that I love: Turtles, Books, Movies, Music, Larc en Ciel, Muse, Cillian Murphy, The Mighty Boosh and many more. I also help my 3 super cute turtles, Kroten, Papoe and Kurome, to maintain their own blog: https://kamekroten.wordpress.com

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  1. Bikram says:

    NO you have not … When you love something you want more and more and more of it … SO keep going

    That portrait indeed looks lovely and the picutres look awesome …

  2. Deboshree says:

    So many goodies there! Fret not; you are not obsessed – this turtlish stuff is indeed irresistible! 😀

  3. didiwright says:

    Hi, Novroz. First of all, thanks for mentioning me in your post and for the pingback to my blog. I appreciate it!
    Secondly, I’m happy that you dug out the draft and that you seem to have solved your computer problems (you got me worried there). I love your turtle-related objects, especially Kame’s scute (which is unique), the bookmarks (which are very original) and the brooches (which are very beautiful). And I know for sure that my daughter would love the soft toys and the rubber 🙂

    A bit of an announcement: George and I have awarded you and the girls the Versatile Blogger Award, because we think you’re special. You can pick it up at our blog! 🙂

    P.S. No, you haven’t turned into crazy Sue! Yet 😛

    • Novroz says:

      You”re welcome and thank you for the push 🙂

      I have just got it fixed last night, but when I was ready to blog,my internet quota has run out…I have to fill the quota first 😉

      Thank you for the award, Didi :hug:
      I was just about to write my gratitude for all the awards and the kindness given by everyone to my turtles. It is on scheduled.

      Aha…the word ‘yet’ kinda scared me ;p

      • Looks like Didi beat us to the punch—Oscar and I want to pass along the Versatile Blogger Award, too! Not a post goes by when I don’t learn something new about turtles. 🙂

  4. As a self-proclaimed bibliophile, I love your turtle-themed bookmarks. I should make a few of Oscar…
    Having Kame’s scutes framed and hung on the wall as decoration is such an original idea—it really does look like a work of art. 🙂

    • Novroz says:

      Nice to meet another bibliophile 🙂
      Looking at their pictures when they book becomes so boring really work…and it makes a nice excuse to show people that are curious about pet. Most people I met didn’t think turtles are cute…I had to show them my bookmarks to show the proof that turtles can be cute too.

  5. Binky says:

    I don’t think you have overdone it at all. In North America, sometimes people do go a little crazy with their collections until virtually every inch of their place is packed full of items relating to their collection. When you don’t have room in your house to live because your collection takes up too much space, I think that’s overdoing it. But you only seem to have a few turtle things, and I think it just shows that you really like turtles.

    I said it before, but I really like the picture and the framed scutes. They’re both very neat!

    • Novroz says:

      The post by Didi was sort of reffering to that situation, a person she knew collects so many thing that represent her dog. I once saw a TVShow showing an old woman with so many turtles in her house, she kinda scared me…I hope I wont turn like her.

      yeah, those 2things are my pride, you can’t find the same things anywhere in the world 😉

  6. lifewith4cats says:

    I love you collection. Each peice has a specific meaning and that makes it so much more special. The bookmarks are wonderful. I have always loved bookmarks. Thats such a good idea!

    The part where you said Kame is asking Kroten, what is that silly thing? HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I laughed so hard. Because Kames turtle is even silllier and cuter than krotens turtle.

    Oh and I forgot. I do have a lifesize stuffed tiger. Its just so big I never know where to put it. Right now its in the window. Littlegirl likes to sleep on its back. 🙂

    • Novroz says:

      Thank you, Sara 🙂
      Reading books without bookmarks is like eating without rice, we Indonesian always eat rice. I rarely pick any paper just to be a bookmark, I want my bookmark to be special.

      Hehehe that part is really funny. When I took the picture, I don’t know why Kame suddenly look at Kroten. I was a bit late in getting my camera,at first Kame’s eyes were looking directly at the toys on Kroten’s shell.

      I would love to see the picture of your little girl on the tiger 🙂 It would be a nice scene.

  7. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again… Your handmade bookmarks of Kame & Kroten are super creative and crafty! I’m glad to see that they’re making a second appearance in a separate post on your blog. I absolutely adore the photo of the two stuffed turtle toys on top of Kame & Kroten—CUTE. By the way, I don’t think you’re going overboard with your turtle collection—it’s a healthy obsession, after all 😉

    • Novroz says:

      The picture is one of my favorite…that kind of attitude makes me love them more.

      Yaaiiii….Thank God I am still ‘normal’ to pet-people. My friends who don’t have pet already thinkIamnot normal hehe

  8. Tony McGurk says:

    Love the photos of them with the turtles on their backs. Did Kame commit a crime or has he just been framed??? 😛

    • Novroz says:

      I love that picture too, they are such nice turtles, they don’t mind when I put stuffs on them 😉

      Huahaha that’s a good one, Tony!! Yes, she was framed 😆

  9. […] took that picture for her post called how much is too much. as you can see, we have had 2 stuffed dolls to play with. the one on top of Kame is Kichan and the […]

  10. BlueSkyShiningBright says:

    Novroz ur like a sciencetist ur a great mommy to them keep it up!!!^.^

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