We have just realized that our dear mommy had written the last 2 posts in our blog…what’s up with that? This is our blog not hers!! I know she was talking about us, but still we have to take over our blog again. After some discussion with my little sister, we decide to let me do the first honor to write something before mommy took over our blog completely.

She had been sharing about us in her previous posts and she even took our pictures candidly. I guess it is only fair that we are now talking about her 😉

To all our fellow pets, have you ever questioned how crazy your mom and dad are? Well, we know for sure that our mommy is a little off in the head sometimes, especially when she wants a ‘special’ picture of us.

Her craziness started when she ate an orange and decided to put the orange as if I was a half breed or orange and turle!! She called the picture as Turango

And then one day she put me on the shoe shelf and laughed so hard. She told grandma that they had new kind of shoe. She really enjoyed the moment I became a shoe.

One night, she put me in between 2 pieces of black cloth and dared calling the picture as Oreo Wannabe. For the record, I don’t want to be an Oreo!!.

Fortunately, I am not her only ‘victim’. She also did something to Kroten. She put her inside a bamboo box and called the picture as Box Turtle.

We all know she is not a box turtle,only a RES inside a box. The real box turtle looks like this picture below:

I don’t want to put too many embarrassing pictures here, Kroten will continue part 2 this coming Saturday.


About Kame (R.I.P)

I am a 5 years old Red Ear Slider who happen to be so Narcissist and love sharing about my life and other turtle-ish story

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  1. Oh, Kame! You are so patient to put up with all those crazy things your mom does. But I must say, you look so cute! Well, of course you do! 🙂 Love your stories and those great photos! 🙂

    • Kame says:

      Hi aunt Katie 🙂 welcome to our blog.
      Well…aunt Katie, what else could I do? she is after all my mommy. It’s lucky for her that we are turtles and we don’t like to run around like cats, I like to see her do stupid things with cats 😉
      Thank you for saying that I am cute :blush:

  2. Binky says:

    Sometimes humans can be a bit loopy, but we have to learn to live with them. That orange shell does look quite fashionable, though.

    • Kame says:

      You are so right Bink!!! Lucky for you,Chris is not as loopy as my mommy.
      I actually don’t mind with the orange shell…it was a hit in Deaviantart 🙂 but that photo was the reason she kept doing funny things toward us, innocent turtles.

  3. Bikram says:

    Ooops kiddies are not happy.. 🙂 I am sure she loves you both a lot… And no I dare not ask my mum-dad if they are crazy…

    The pics look beautiful..

    • Kame says:

      I know she loves us…and that’s why she does this stupid things. it wouldn’t be fun for her to share pictures of turtle doing nothing.

      Hahaha Uncle Bik, I wonder what will happen if you ask them 😉

  4. It is so nice that your mommy likes to give you fun things to do, and you look so adorable. I must say that you and your sister are the cutest turtle ever! I have never seen turtles (who live with humans) have such wonderful adventures, and I just love it! I’m so glad your mommy shares your fun with us 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day!

    • Kame says:

      auw…aunt Katie,you are really nice :hug:
      Mommy also thinks that we are the cutest turtles alive…but there are actually a lot of cute turtles out there, she just said that because we are hers 😉
      Haha we are adventurous turtles 🙂 you should read her crazy stories about us, she write short stories sometimes. It’s been awhile since she made a short story about us…we should force her to make new one soon.

  5. Asop says:

    Beautiful…. really, Kame… you have a great mom! 😆

    • Kame says:

      Hahaha…abang Asop, we do have great mom even though she is a little bit not right in the head sometimes…if you know what I mean. As you know,loving pets as if the pets are same with her babies is a bit unusual here in Indonesia.

  6. Debbie Adams says:

    I think you look rather cute as a turango…very cute, Kame. You will have to excuse mommy and let her have her fun. Looking at the pictures you posted I cant tell that she is too.

    Love, Aunt Debbie

    • Novroz says:

      Yaiii…thank you for supporting me Debbie. They don’t know how cute they are in anything and any condition.

      And to Kame, it’s not 100% my fault, you girls can say no anytime you likeby walking away before I used my camera 😉

  7. Luv the Turango pikcha. I hav the saym problem wiv Daddy yoozing my blog for silly rat comix. I reely hav a hard tym getting enny kompyoota tym at orl theez dayz.

    • Kroten says:

      But…but…Barry and Cedric are really fun, Dixie. Have you read their comic? such fund adventure, I wish I can join them.
      However…I do understand your feeling, your daddy should give you more time with the computer. Fight for your right Dixie!!!

  8. I hope my Mummy duzent get a Poodrango ideer becorz the oranj joose wood mayk my fer orl stiky

  9. Jenn says:

    BAHAHA these pics are awesome! I love how you put the turtles in unconventional non turtely places!! XD laughed so hard at the orange peel

    • Novroz says:

      I am glad you enjoy the picture Jenn 🙂
      Turtles are such obedient pets, they really don’t mind being placed anywhere when they are in their good mood. It is so fun to try new things to shot on Kame and Kroten or with them inside the things.

      The turango is my most favorite picture of Kame.

  10. didiwright says:

    Oh, come on, your mum’s not that crazy! She’s only doing all this because she loves you, is proud of you and wants to show you off to the world 🙂
    I’ve done lots of embarrasing things to George (according to him) for the sake of a photo, but that doesn’t make me crazy…Or does it?!? 😛

    • Kame says:

      Aha!! poor George…but I am happy knowing that George also has crazy mom 😉 I think the craziest picture I see of him was the way he slept with all his feet on top of him.

      I understand the love…but I think she should only share our normal cute pose not our unusual pose.

  11. Tony McGurk says:

    Not sure if I would like the taste odf a turtle filled Oreo though. The shell would maybe break my teeth!!!

  12. Nekoneko says:

    Ohhh Kame… Your mommy just loves you so much that she just loves to play with you and can’t help but feel warm and silly whenever she thinks of fun ways to show you off! for her human friends! All mommies want to have lots of fun with their babies and show everyone how special and wonderful they are.

    And it’s so nice to see you and Kroten having all this wonderful fun!!

  13. […] Sunday, my sister has shared some pictures that were taken due to our mommy’s crazy ideas. Mommy had turned Kame into a half-breed between animal and plant called Turango. Kame also turned […]

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