Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrate it 🙂

Indonesian do not celebrate Halloween and that includes us, Indonesian Turtles…however,in the spirit of Halloween, we decided to introduce you to our one and only supernatural relative (at least he is the only one we know), Kappa ( 河童 )

Kappa is not one of Indonesian ghost like the one mommy shared in her tribute to Halloween. Kappa belongs to Japanese folklore. He is a water-like Goblin. In Japanese, he is considered as 妖怪 (Youkai – demon, spirit or monster)

Kappa  has turtle-like shell, bird-like beak and webbed fingers and toes.  But the most interesting part about Kappa physical is his ‘dish‘ on his head which surrounded by hair. The dish  is filled with water. He must never spills the water because it will make him weak.

Based on Japanese Handbook of Mythology, Kappa is described as mischievous troublemakers. Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women’s kimonos, to the malevolent, such as drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and raping women. But the one I often heard is about him eating the children. He also likes cucumber.

According to Tokyo5, he is similar with boogey-man, parents used his tale as a way to warn their children to not get close to water.

Although Kappa sometimes depicted as cruel creature but in some stories, he can be cute too…like the Kappa in Shinchan’s animation. See the green creature sitting on the right!

Kappa has an interesting weakness, Kappa is very polite. If someone bows to Kappa, he will immediately return the bow and in doing that, he will spill the water on his ‘dish’. That will make him weak. If that person fill the water to give his strength back, Kappa will feel indebted to that person and will serve that person all eternity.

As I said before,  Kappa also likes cucumber. In a place where people believe it is invested with Kappa, parents will write their names and their children’s on cucumbers and toss it into the water so that they can bathe without any Kappa disturbing them.

There is a place called Kappabashi-dori (Kappa bridge) which believed to be inhabited by many Kappa,the people built Sougenji Kappa-Dera Temple to calm them down.

So…what do you think of our monster relative?

Here’s another cute Kappa for you 🙂

We owned our post to Wikipedia and Tokyo5…ありがとう 🙂

About Kame (R.I.P)

I am a 5 years old Red Ear Slider who happen to be so Narcissist and love sharing about my life and other turtle-ish story

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  1. Bikram says:

    hmmm interesting and cute tooo 🙂 happy halloweeen

  2. Nekoneko says:

    Oooohh!! Kame, the Kappa sound sooo naughty… but you and Kroten don’t play tricks like that on Mommy do you? You are good lil’ turtles!!

    Happy Halloween from the US!! Even though you don’t have Halloween… you should both have some “Treats” to celebrate! (Pssttt!! It’s OK to eat some sweet fruit for you since you can’t eat candy, right?)

    • Kame says:

      Don’t worry Miyuki-bachan … we are the nicest turtles in the world. We sure never to eat any human children, when Mommy’s not looking. Hehe joking.

      We can have papaya, but not too much….but the problem is, mommy hates papaya and she won’t buy a whole papaya only to give small pieces to us. what would she do with the rest of the papaya?

  3. Hi Kame (and Kroten)! i love this story of the Kappa; thanks so much for introducing him to me. I actually named my dog (she would love you guys!) after a similar/kind of not nice spirit in Cornish Folkore–the Spriggan. I love learning about these different tales, and I truly appreciate you passing them on. And I’ll know to always have some cucumber and bow to the Kappa if I ever encounter him.

    And you’e lucky you don’t celebrate Halloween, else you know your mommy would dress you and Kroten up. 🙂 Thanks for this post, Kame! And smooches to you and Kroten!

    • Kame says:

      Thank you aunt Katie, we are so glad you enjoy the post. too bad we don’t have any turtle-like spirit in Indonesia, we have to introduce our cousin from Japan.

      Make sure you take his photo when you come across them aunt Katie 😉 you’re a great photographer.

      What’s Cornish?

  4. Binky says:

    I’ve never heard of a Kappa. Very interesting, though. And the top picture is kind of cute. These Kappa sound something like gremlins. Gremlins can be anything from slightly mischievous to very evil, and are usually small, troll-like creatures.

    Maybe you could dress up as a Kappa, Kame, and see if anyone will give you some treats.

    • Kame says:

      Ah yes, I remember gremlins from that movie with the cute Gizmo. The mischieve probably same but gremlins are not polite like kappa.

      ow Binky!! dont start giving anymore silly ideas to my mom. I don’t want to be forced wearing bird beak on my mouth.

  5. tokyo5 says:

    Thank you for the link to my blog.

    How do you know about Kappa-san?
    And…do you speak Japanese well? Where did you learn?

    • Novroz says:

      Arigatou Tokyo5-san. Your post really help us in writing this post.

      Well, I love things Japanese since junior high. I read a lot of things bout Japan. I understand Japanese but not fluent. Nihongo o jibun de benkyoushimasu. I took 2months course to know how to read and write and then I continued it alone through anime, manga, eiga and ongaku.

      • tokyo5 says:

        >Your post really help us in writing this post.


        >Nihongo o jibun de benkyoushimasu.

        That’s great!

        >anime, manga, eiga and ongaku.

        Which Japanese movies do like?

      • Novroz says:

        sorry for the late reply, been very busy lately.
        My fav eiga are Ringu and Okuribito (aside from Ghibli animations)

  6. Tony McGurk says:

    I think thairs wun ov them living in Daddy’s garden shed

  7. Oh silly me I woz still logd in as Daddy

  8. Deboshree says:

    What an alluring creature! So cute that it cannot be supernatural. 😛

  9. tor says:

    interesting, sorry about being 9 years too late

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