I haven’t been posting in a while because Kroten was enjoying blogging too much 😉

Although I am new here but I can still feel the happiness  of receiving awards from my new friends…I never thought that blogging could be so much fun…meeting new friends is the best part of it. Who would have thought that turtle can have many friends too 🙂

First of all, thank you soooooooo much to Poppy who has awarded us with

In her Blessed Post, she mentioned what Liebster means:

“Liebster” means “beloved”, “dearest”, or “favorite” in German.

The origin of the Liebster Blog award is somewhat unclear but there’s a general consensus that the award originated in Germany. The award recognizes bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.

I guess it’s perfect for us because we only have 55 blogger followers, I am excluding facebook and twitter followers.

Thank you again Poppy 🙂

Poppy is a brown toy poodle with a cool blog called Popcorn. Do visit her blog guys 🙂

Our second award is:

We received this award from two of our doggie friends, Jet @ Hey…it’s Jet here with his post Thank You Thursday and Daisy @ Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven with her post What a Wonderful Surprise!.

This award comes with 2 favorites to share.

Let’s begin with my favorites

Papoe @ Underneath The Shell

  • Favorite number: 11 because it’s my gotcha day
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:Water… can there be anything else? I mean I live in water 😉
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook because we have a facebook page (see it on the right-side widget) 🙂
  • My Passion:  Bloodworm…it’s my favorite food.
  • Favorite pattern: I am not sure…yet!
  • Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday, because Mommy is not working.
  • Favorite Flower: None…I am a baby boy, I don’t like flower.

Now…Kroten’s turn

  • Favorite number: 2 because I am the second in the family.
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:Water… My reason is same with Papoe 😉
  • Facebook or Twitter: TwitterUnfortunately I don’t update it too often because Mommy is using it all the time.
  • My Passion:  Climbing…I don’t need to tell you again how I like climbing 😉
  • Favorite pattern: My Blue Ramp … see the blue thing on my photo.
  • Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday, just like Papoe, because Mommy is mostly at home. I can have my sun-time.
  • Favorite Flower: Edible Flower …can anyone suggest me one? I’d love to eat a flower one day 😉

Well…that’s all folk 🙂

I have to pass on the awards but I can’t pick few out of so many friends …therefore I am passing it on to everyone 🙂

Congratulation to all of you and have a nice weekend 🙂

Written by

About Papoe

Hi...I am named Papoe (read: pa-poo) because my origin is from Papua New guinea :) I am a Pink belly short Necked Turtle. Mommy adopted me on March 11, 2012. I am struggling with my body size...maybe I am a midget

18 responses »

  1. Binky says:

    Congratulations on the awards! Just don’t try to eat them, Kroten!

  2. Congrats on the awards. Party time

  3. Yay! I love your answers guys! 😀 Congratulations!!!

  4. raisingdaisy says:

    Congratulations on the awards – we were happy to pass one on to you! I love how Kroten’s little yellow mouth always looks like it’s smiling; that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about turtles. 🙂 Have a fun weekend!

    • Papoe says:

      Only Kroten’s smile? I thought I have a cute smile too 😉
      Thank you for passing it down to us Daisy….we love the award from you :hug:

  5. catchatcaren says:

    YAY!!! Congratulations!!! We love you and are THRILLED that you are getting awards! you deserve every one!

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says:

    Yay Guys- Congrats on your awards – we love coming to visit you and we loved reading your replies today 🙂

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Papoe says:

      Thank you Snoopy 🙂
      We also like visiting and reading about you. You are a very nice dog :hug:

      Have a fun weekend to you too 🙂

  7. Deb says:

    Congrats!! So well deserved!
    and….what Binky said. 😉
    Hugs Aunt Deb xx

  8. Donna says:

    Congrats! You should add favorite food too!

  9. pael,leo,misel,donat says:

    kalo band paporit capa nich?laruku kah?hehe..tp inget y kroten n papoe aktor paling ganteng itu kazuya kamenashi!:-P

    • Papoe says:

      Kalo band mah dah pasti laruku…lah si mommy kerjaannya nyetel lagu mereka mulu sih 😉

      Yang paling ganteng?? ya tentu saya!! kan saya co (setidaknya untuk saat ini)

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