I have made my mommy worry because after 5 months under her care, I still haven’t grown much. She said, when she had Kame, Kame had grown significantly in just 4 months and so did Kroten. When they were 4 months, Mommy had dared enough to let them walk around the house unsupervised…but mini me is still under her hawk-eyes.

She did a little measuring to see whether I grown or not. To our surprise, it turned out I have grown a bit…just a bit. Maybe I am the type that doesn’t get big so fast like my sisters’ species, RES.

Here is my length, the one on the left was when I first came here, the one on the right was the 5 month me 🙂

From 4,5 cm to 5,5 cm

Here is my width

From 3,4 cm to 4,3 cm

As you can see  my size only grow around 1 cm…no wonder I still look tiny 😦

Well, at least I can cover Mommy’s mobile phone’s screen now 😉

Think you know what my mischief is…it’s hardly growing bigger. I wish I can make mommy happy by becoming a bit bigger, but it is out of my control *sigh*. Let’s just look at the bright side, I can maintain my cuteness longer than my sisters 😉

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About Papoe

Hi...I am named Papoe (read: pa-poo) because my origin is from Papua New guinea :) I am a Pink belly short Necked Turtle. Mommy adopted me on March 11, 2012. I am struggling with my body size...maybe I am a midget

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  1. Donna says:

    Hmm… Could it be because you’re sick? I heard there’s a symptom about dwarf turtle.
    The other differences are: you’re not that shy and you’ve grown lighter (or is it flash camera?)

    • Papoe says:

      A dwarf? me? I sure hope not. At least I am eating very well…and a bit chubby around my leg 😉 …so I hope I am not a dwarf.

      Ow…that’s just the flash, I was half sleeping, so Mommy used a flash and the photo was taken from above.

  2. Hey Papoe, Jet here.

    Like you said, it’s out of your control… my Mom is quite short as is my Nana (who is shorter!) Nana always told Mom growing up… good things come in small packages!

    • Papoe says:

      Hi Jet 🙂 Yeah it is out of my control…but Mommy is keeping tab of my growth from now on because no one knows much about my species…and maybe someone out there is also wondering about my species growing process.

      Ah, are you talking about your human mom and nana or your real mom and nana? I never know my real mom.

      • human mom and nana! I’m adopted, rescued from the guillotine with 4 days to spare… so, I do not know about my parents either. 😦

        Ah, your information will benefit science, what a wonderful gesture. My human mom participated in 2 studies because she has an uncommon blood disorder (like the Doberman Pincers, no joke!) and another even more uncommon thingie… so, you’re doing a really great thing! 🙂

      • Papoe says:

        Sorry to hear that Jet…all of us here are also adopted, we turtles were always left behind by our biological parents 😦

        I hope your mom is doing well despite her uncommon blood. Be nice to her Jet 🙂

      • Hey Papoe,

        Yup, Mom’s fine, she just has to take a few precautions and not eat flax, hemp, sunflower, chia or pumpkin seeds! Isn’t it ironic (vocab builder) that she and the dobermans have the same thing!

      • Papoe says:

        Good to know that jet 🙂
        Say hi to your Mom from us 🙂
        Your mom and the Dobermans have the same things maybe because your mom loves dogs so much 😉

  3. Deb says:

    Papoe, no matter how small or big you get, you will always be my little Papoe!…you are adorable.
    Love and hugs, Aunt Deb xo

  4. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says:

    Hey Papoe,

    Have you heard? Sometimes the best things come in small packages!! You’re awesome any size!! 🙂

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Papoe says:

      Hi Snoopy 🙂 Yup, I have heard of that. The only problem of being small is unable to walk free in the house…other than that I am great 😉

      Thank you Snoopy

  5. Nekoneko says:

    You are a tiny lil’ turtle!! But that’s OK… tiny can be good. 😉

    I am small too like your Mommy… at just a smidgen over 5 foot tall, so everybody but most teenagers are bigger than me. Sometimes that can be annoying or even scary but it also means you can get away with more mischief too…. 😉

    • Papoe says:

      hahahaha…you know Aunty Miyuki, even teenagers are taller than my mommy 😉

      I guess I can live with my tiny body…the problem is only for my mommy, she worries contantly, she is afraid I might get lost somewhere and she cant find me 😦

  6. FleaByte says:

    You have nice dwarf armor. Now all you need is a sword and a mace and you’re set to go. Size won’t make a bit of difference.

  7. See – you have grown a bit. Remember the “dynamite in small packages” bit.

  8. you are growing!! Tell Mommy to be patient…it takes time to grow big and strong! xoxoxo

  9. Wazeau says:

    The best things come in small packages 🙂

  10. Bassetmomma says:

    Ahhh…..small but mighty! 🙂

  11. Colby says:

    I guess you’re just a slow grower. Maybe you’ll hit that growth spurt soon. Unfortunately, I never really had a growth spurt and I’m still waiting at age 40.

    • Papoe says:

      I guess so Uncle Colby…I wonder myself when I be as big as my two sisters.
      Hahaha my Mommy doesn’t have growth spurt since teenager 😉

  12. piacarti says:

    hi papoe! don’t be sad, you will always win at Hide and Seek when you play with your sisters! 🙂

  13. Binky says:

    Well that doesn’t seem too bad, but I don’t know how fast your species is supposed to grow. I guess the only thing you can do is to make sure you eat all your food. But maybe you might just turn out to be smaller than average.

  14. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Maybe you are just meant to be tiny. Or maybe you are going to grow in spurts. You are adorable no matter your size. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. ♥vanessa♥ says:

    It is so adorable, quick question about the training. does ur turtle poop alot mine poops alot every where!! When it sleeps in ur blanket does it poop a lot!! ♥♥*^▁^*
    pLease. Reply thx!!

  16. raisingdaisy says:

    We think you’re absolutely adorable at any size, Papoe. You’re probably right that maybe you’re type is just a slower grower than your RES sister. 🙂

    • Papoe says:

      Thank you Daisy 🙂 Mommy once met a turtle species that doesnt grow over 10cm, maybe I am also like that species but I read that I could reach over 20cm.

  17. brp lama itu sis tmbh 1 cm nya? kira2 klo RES brp lama ya tmbuh 1 cm nya sis?

  18. […] month, I let Papoe write about him being 5 months old…I am going to take over his progress from now […]

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