Few days ago, one of my instagram’s friends who also has several turtles, posted a photo of a turtle being painted, it wasn’t her turtle…it belonged to another account. She was only sharing it to say that painting turtles is not okay!

As a turtle blogger, I realize that I haven’t yet written about this issue….and today is the time for me to share about it.

I once discovered a picture of a turtle being painted in one facebook group that shares about the love for turtle. This man was so proud of sharing his painted turtle…I was shock, how could someone who claimed to love his turtle was proud of doing such cruel thing? I told him that painting the shell is not the right thing to do.

Unfortunately…he was not the only one who didn’t know about that. My blog is easily found whenever anyone use google with the keyword “training a turtle“…so, I hope this post can also be easily found when people google about caring a turtle.

     No Paint Turtle

Some people might think that the paint and those glitters made their turtle look cuter but they don’t know what that paint will do to the turtles! …and to be honest, their original shells look a LOT better than the fake color and glitter.

Someone reminded me that I need to provide the scientific studies and turtle expert documentation on how paint on turtles shells are detrimental to the health of turtles.

What I wrote here are just common sense, you can either follow it or not…just use your logic and your love for animal because NO ANIMAL in this world deserves to be painted.

Everything written here are my opinion along with similar opinion by: chinatownturtle, Wichita Falls Reptiles Rescue, North Jersey.com,   Aleks Haecky,

Turtle shell, in the wild, is used as protection, that’s why most of them have dark color as a camouflage to the predator, by painting it the turtle becomes so radiant and an easy target for the predator.

Paint is made of chemical and the shell can easily absorb it.

Most importantly, the paint will block UV from the sun…turtles need UV to grow their shell and their bones. I met someone who had a sick turtle, he said that he kept him alive as long as he could by letting him under the sunlight as often as he could. You see, UV makes turtle stronger and healthier.

NEVER PAINT A TURTLE for whatever reason you have!!

If you still want to see a different look on your turtle, make her/him a dress! you can put it on for a while (not all the time because they need to absorb UV). I did it once with my turtle but it was just for a photo, I like their original shell more.

If you are a turtle owner and claim that you love your turtles…then never ever paint them!!

If you don’t have a turtle…please never paint the wild one.

My instagram’s friend I have mentioned above created a new account to let people know that painting a turtle equals Animal Abuse!

Go check her account and see that there are a lot of animal abuse being shared on instagram…her hope is for everyone to stop abusing animals, not just turtles. All the photos I have shared here (except for Kame in dress) belong to her account.

Click on the image

Click on the image

Here are three pictures I chose to share to you!

Parents or adult should teach the right thing to their children!

Never EVER drill a hole in their shell…it hurts them!!

Look how bright the turtle is…his predator can spot him easily!

I know that most of my turtle’s friends are furry animals…but I hope you can help spread the word 🙂

Here’s Some extra information from some kind readers 🙂

From Andrew Schiffbauer

  1. Blood poisoning through paint seepage is still a risk.
  2. As is shell deformation as the turtle grows.
  3. There IS a type of paint that is safe for use on turtles – Markal Markers/Paint Sticks, which are used by Marine Biologists to mark turtles in the wild.
  4. In any case, if you DO paint your turtle, even with this safe non toxic form of paint, keep the design small and don’t leave it on long, because of the aforementioned Deformation issue.


Animal Cruelty

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  1. Seth says:

    To be honest ima sound like a wimp but I like gods painting skills more than my own… For real I suck at painting😅 you all have my word I won’t paint my turtle.

  2. Marcela says:

    If you paint just a number (to identify them) it’s still harmful? Or what recommendations do you suggest to identify them? We have over 5 baby turtles in our patio, and we want to keep a track on them (our patio is big and they are free on it).

  3. Niomi says:

    I got a question, I have a turtle he is 5 years old and i’v had him for 4 years and 11 months he is cute, very friendly and doesn’t bit.
    I live close to the beach and he loves to go to it , but it’s summer and lots of people are out on vacation. most people think I found him and think I’m bothering him, I was going to paint his shell so I can prove he is mine. what should I do? can I paint just a little or put something else on him?

    • Rachel says:

      They said above there is a paint that is safe that microbiologist use. Just do a small area though as it can still deform there shell 🙂

    • Novroz says:

      I think a little is okay or just like what Rachel said…use the safe one.

      However, since there are a lot of people just like what you said…you might get another reaction with the paint. Just be prepared for a lot comments when you let your turtle in the public area.

  4. Now I know a little more what not to do if I get a turtle, I won’t actually do this, but if you use some kind of natural color like a flower, will it be as harmful, but not on a wild one so no death.

  5. Wendy says:

    I painted my turtle years ago just 1box and he got out and that was the only reason we got him back and he is fine. It didn’t hurt him and it lasted years just don’t over do it and make your turtle look gay if you do a tiny spot so you know it’s yours ain’t a big dill cause there’s no way to I’d your turtle we’ve had him over 20 years now

    • Novroz says:

      Hi Wendy,
      I do believe if it’s just a small paint…it’s okay…but the one I share in the post was too much. I am glad you got turtle back and still live happily with you 🙂

  6. Mitch says:

    You’re posting your opinion like it’s fact.
    A pet turtle isn’t harmed by paint, it’s not wild, so it’s defense of camouflage isn’t ruined, and they are provided with food….
    Do you really believe a turtle feels like a victim of cruel actions? Or are you just holier than tho, and speak in absolute truths…
    Honestly I don’t personally think people should paint shells, but accusing someone of being “cruel” is retarded.

    • Novroz says:

      I don’t know have you read the whole post and see the whole pictures before posting your comment.

      First, in the last picture they are people who make a tradition of painting wild turtles and then set them free

      Second, call me holier than tho or even retarded, I don’t care because my opinion stands strong. All pet owner shouldn’t paint their pet regardless what their pets are…they shouldn’t even have pet in the first place if their planning to paint them. How would they like it if the situation reversed, the pets painting the owners?

      Third, I HAVE stated that the post is my opinion and you know I have every right to state my opinion in my OWN blog.

      Thank you for stopping by and share your opinion.

    • Uncle cousin joebob says:

      It is so strange how people can read information and counter it with ignorance.

  7. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect, you really should fix the grammar in your blogg. People are more likely to read your blogg if you use proper grammar.

  8. Angela Marie Sansone says:

    For whatever reason you made this blog, after spending 0 minutes researching anything. I’m glad your pro animals, but you sound absolutely ridiculous, to anyone who knows about turtles, believe it or not their shells are made out of the same stuff your nail are, except they have hundreds more layers than your nails. The only blood poisoning possible would be through the use of lead paint which is an illegal paint anyway

  9. Angela says:

    The shell is made up of about 60 bones that are covered by plates called scutes. Scutes are madeof keratin, the same material that makes up humans’ fingernails. Many turtles are able to retract their heads and feet into their shells.

  10. Elaine says:

    i was disgusted to find a bright gold painted turtle coming out of the woods by my house today. i scraped a lot of it off with my own fingernails as the other things i was using were not working so well. i washed him off with liquid castile soap and then clear water.

    Very sad to see some of the replies/comments here to the owner of blog. Talking about proper spelling and whatnot. The health of our ecosystem is of crucial need of some intelligent shepherding. By talking about it, we all can learn how to save these creatures like Box, Cooter, Slider & Painted turtles here in the US. Novroz has had nothing but good intent and should not be hassled about spelling, but rather, if the person complaining had any good intent ~they would point out where the misspell is. i don’t think it matters to anyone, these spelling things, these days. the people who say it is OK to paint a turtle are contributing to turtle deaths world-wide which, shows very ill intent, indeed.

    KUDOS to you Novroz ~my goodness i was an editor for an entire university and every college within it. if there is one thing i have learned on typing on the internet. even capitalizing the first letter of a sentence is totally optional 😉 After all, texting has changed the way we communicate in the written word. Thank you for yours and others on the forums kind suggestions. The male box turtle (lots of beautiful orange scales) is skulking now in corner of yard. he was eating some fresh peach i put out for him but now he is unhappy. it has only been a few hours but i hope he will come out and eat some more peach. what should i feed him. we do have a lot of live bait stores here by lake.

    i think this blog or any blog to help people treat small creatures in the wild that are becoming extinct is a NOBLE and good thing. this blog has nothing but good intent.

    • Elaine says:

      LOL ~editing my post *giggles. A half sentence, i see (talking like Yoda ;D) “If there is one thing i have learned on talking on the internet(,)not(.) LOL even capitalizing the first letter of a sentence is totally optional.” HAHA the only reason i corrected this is for anybody who couldn’t figure out what i meant.

      i can explain it to you but i can’t understand it for ya. Anybody complaining here to the blogger needs to get a real job ;P)

      To all else, my my my ~We should all hire a teenager while they still know everything huh! ;}

    • Novroz says:

      Thank you so much Elaine ((hugs))

      I have best interest for the turtles when writing this. As for spelling, English is not even my first language so a mistake here and there is inevitable

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