These pictures were taken early 2010. you can consider this as old mischief, I think there’s nothing wrong in using old pictures…right? 😉

Here are 6 pictures of me trying to become a new breed of plant. Those green leaves looked so comfortable. I wanted to know how does it feel to live on the pot ;p hehe.

Mommy really enjoyed that moment, I was a nice model at that time. I didn’t move a lot and my eyes were always on the camera.

Mommy’s favorites are the first picture, I had this questioning look on my face, and the last picture, she thinks that I have a menacing eye in that picture.

"Can I sit on the pot, Mommy?

“Can I sit on the pot, Mommy?

"I am a beautiful plant"

“I am a beautiful plant”


“Is this pose okay?”


“How much photo do you need, Mom?


“Here’s a bit of my smile”


“Okay! Enough already, let me enjoy being a plant!”

That was the moment when I still had garden to get dirt and soil on my skin and carapace. We don’t have such garden anymore 😦

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About Kroten

My name is taken from Schildkroten (Turtles in German). I am a morph Red ear Slider. My Mommy adopted me on March 19, 2008. I am the oldest in Novroz's turtle family :)

21 responses »

  1. Carin B. says:

    I like #5. She looks like she’s smiling in it! Very cute!

  2. Binky says:

    “This is my plant pot now! You’ll have to get your own.”

  3. Alice Audrey says:

    Following the sun with your nose?

  4. FleaByte says:

    Omigoodness! Even without a garden, mommy could have potted plants in the house, right?

  5. I think it looks like a fun pot to explore!

  6. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says:

    What a great photo shoot buddy, you’re an awesome plant! 🙂


    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  7. mollieandalfie says:

    Humoms always need tons of photo’s, you sure are a super model 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Awww you are so very very cute! Look at your little smile 🙂

  9. Misaki says:

    hehehe you sure seem to be enjoying yourself

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