This is a RE-Post, originally posted on September 7, 2010 by Kame.


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Although my scute shedding is not perfect yet, but the last 6 scutes are so hard to let go, so I decided to write this post anyway 🙂 it’s already 90% shedding after all.

Look at the picture bellow!

On the left, you can see my old carapace. The color was dark brown with thick black lines and has no clear pattern.  The middle one was when half of my scutes had been shed. You can see clearly how different my new scutes to my old ones. I was on my mom’s bed when that picture was taken. She needed a picture of me sleeping like human…hehehe silly idea! On the right, yeaaa my new carapace…well, actually my new scutes 🙂 the color becomes a bit green-brown and the black lines are thinner…and I have cute pattern on my scute now. You can see some soft green line curving along the scutes.

Now, look at this picture below! It’s a clear shot of my scutes. You can easily see the difference between the old scute with the new scute. You can also see that pattern of my new scutes is visible under my old scutes.

Beside color and pattern, the changes also happen on the shape of my carapace. The carapace with the new scute has less pyramiding effect. On top of the carapace, there are still bumpy areas but not as bad as it used to be. On the side scutes, you can see that my new scutes don’t look as pointy as they used to be. They have become round now.

My plastron also changed, the color becomes softer and the black pattern is changing direction.

Isn’t changing scute a wonder? It feels like I’m changing my carapace.

Here are the last 6 scutes that still needed to be shed off.

I wonder what will happen to my carapace when I finally have my 2nd scute shedding…I’m so curious 😉

About Kame (R.I.P)

I am a 5 years old Red Ear Slider who happen to be so Narcissist and love sharing about my life and other turtle-ish story

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  1. Carin B. says:

    Do they always look different when their shed their scutes? I had no idea that they changed in look (or that they shed for that matter)! Very cool!

    • Novroz says:

      This is Kame’s first shedding, so I’m still learning my self…will it keep changing or not.

      Maybe this new one will graduallly become darker like the old one so that the future new one will look brighter.

      Tell you the truth, when I first had Kame, I didn’t know that turtle needs to shed its scute…I learnt about that a bit late. Kame start shedding after I gave her the right food.

  2. […] In September 2010, I wrote about my shedding that had reached 90% of all my scutes. I still have 6 scutes to shed. You can see the changes of my Carapace”s color in here. […]

  3. Gray Dawster says:

    How many times do they change like this? 🙂
    Thank you for adding such a wonderful post,
    actually I didn’t know that they changed at all,
    so this has been very interesting 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of weekend Miss. Novia 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Novroz says:

      I don’t know how often because she died before another shedding, but I read that they will shed more than once.

      Thank you Andro, have a nice weekend to you too 🙂

  4. Binky says:

    I didn’t really know (or maybe remember) that turtles shed, either. I though their shells just grew as they got bigger, I guess like our bones do.

  5. We never knew that turtles shed from their shells. We have learnt something new today, thank you.

  6. This is amazing, we never knew Turtles shed from their shells. 🙂 Have a super weekend xxoxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. thatjenk says:

    This is cool! Do you keep a log of the new scutes each year to see how they change?

  8. Sheryl says:

    How amazing! Have the other turtles shed yet? I’d love to see more pictures.

  9. kyukiyoshida says:

    Most water turtles that bask often will continue to regularly shed their scutes their entire life, it’s a cleaning process. Turtles that rarely shed their scales are one’s that rarely bask such as musk turtles. Box turtles and tortoises rarely if ever shed their scutes once they have reached full size. Where did she get this turtle? That is literally one of the worst cases of shell deformation I have ever seen, a turtle shell is never supposed to look like that. Not to mention the white on the bottom of the shell, in which it looks like the layer was scraped off, revealing bone underneath. How did this happen? It’s as if that poor guy spent years with a horrible diet and poor environmental conditions.

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