Have your neighborhood ever been fogged?

Our school is being fogged once in every few months. The purpose of this fog is to kill mosquitoes and other bugs. We are not sure what’s the chemical inside the fog but it’s certainly in the same group as pesticide.

Last Saturday, we had another fogging. The second time we had it while we are living on the third floor of Mommy’s school. Mommy hates this activity because it can ruin our water. At our old homes, Mommy always refused any fogging because she didn’t want it to poison our water. She always told the fogger to only do it outside the house.

The first fogging activity was last year and Mommy was out jogging (she was planning to lose fat by running but never did it again afterward…she is always like that!!). When she came home, she was shocked seeing so much smoke at the school and realized instantly that the school was being fogged and our windows are wide open (she always opens the window so we can always get fresh air). Seeing the fog, she ran as fast as she could to the third floor, turning on fan at full speed to get rid of the fog. She was worried sick for us and changed the water once the fog had disappeared.

Fortunately, last Saturday she was at her room…so when she heard the sound of the fogging machine, she immediately closed the door and the windows. It helped a lot because the fog couldn’t get inside our room and we looked at the fog safely from inside the room.

This is how it looked like!





Cool, isn’t it?

We really enjoyed the view…from inside 😉

Since this is a turtle blog, I should at least share my pic 😉

This is me inside my tank…looks kinda foggy doesn’t it? … don’t worry it’s just because my tank is made of plastic.


About Kurome

Hi...My name is Kurome (Black turtle). I am a Chinemys Reveesii or Chinese Three-keeled Pond Turtle or Revee's Turtle to be short. I don't know how old I am but my Mommy adopted me on September 22, 2012

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  1. rumpydog says:

    We get fogged regularly too, though not to the extent you do. We don’t like that stuff either.

  2. Bailey says:

    When I was a child there used to be a truck that came around and did it for mosquitoes. We also had a back yard fogger to kill off the bugs. Then they decided it wasn’t healthy and it stopped. I just remember the smell being terrible.

  3. Mags Corner says:

    We are so happy to know that you were safe from the fogging. That fog was thick and made cool pictures but we know it is not good to be breathed in. Such lucky little turtles to have such a loving, caring, sweet mom. You all have a wonderful week. Hugs, love and nose kisses

    • Kurome says:

      Agree!! the view was great but we all hate the smell and afraid it would ruin our clean water.

      Have a nice week to you too Aunty Mags 🙂

  4. raisingdaisy says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s some serious fogging! They don’t do fogging here because it’s too toxic and dangerous, but I hear they used to do it many decades ago, before they realized how bad it was. We’re so glad you stayed inside behind closed doors and windows and were safe!

    • Kurome says:

      I sure wish the government (or at least the school) would stop using it too one day.
      She is now so worried thinking will the school do another fogging during holiday because she won’t be here so often during holiday

  5. I remember the fogging days as I was in school, it was great to have 3 free days :o)

    • Kurome says:

      Free days?? how fun!!
      Here, they fogged it on Saturday…so no holiday for the students (and teachers) as it was done during weekend.

  6. KDKH says:

    That fog is pretty unhealthy for anyone to breathe, I’m sure. Next time, if you know when it’s coming, you might want to plan a field trip somewhere else!

  7. Our neighborhood gets fogged due to the incredible amount of mosquitoes. We stay inside until the air clears. Whatever they use doesn’t effect the mosquito population but kills our fireflies. : (

  8. Misaki says:

    I’ve never heard of fogging before

  9. Binky says:

    I don’t much like the use of such pesticides either, as they always have unwanted effects on all the other wildlife and the people. But mosquitoes and other insects can also cause a lot of disease and sickness as well. Pesticides are a necessary evil I suppose, so let’s hope they’re at least being used as safely as they can be.

  10. ThatJenK says:

    Yikes! No fogging here (unless you have an unusual pest problem), but it sounds risky! Glad you’re all okay.

  11. xeristh says:

    My school once get fogged too. And it didn’t work. The insects didn’t die, only, well dizzy. After 5 or 6 hours, those insects managed to run away

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