No…it’s not on Mommy’s shelf!

One of mommy’s dorm-mate (is this even a word?) brought three turtle’s ornaments and put it on the dining room’s shelf…you can also call it as common room where everyone often gather. It seems that we are getting more popular in her dorm 😉

Two of them are bigger than me and Papoe, one of them is smaller than both of us. You can put things inside the big ones but the small one is just a small toy.


Here’s me investigating the new comers


“I wonder why he (or is it she?) crying?”

Papoe blends in soooo well amongst the newcomers 😉


“Who? Me?”


“Well, I guess I do have the same colour”


“But I look different to this little one”



About Kurome

Hi...My name is Kurome (Black turtle). I am a Chinemys Reveesii or Chinese Three-keeled Pond Turtle or Revee's Turtle to be short. I don't know how old I am but my Mommy adopted me on September 22, 2012

13 responses »

  1. Misaki says:

    Papoe, you sure do blend in. Would be an excellent hidey spot:-)

  2. Binky says:

    That’s like the scene in the ET movie where ET hides with all the stuffed animals!

  3. image-in-ing says:

    Wow – you got me – I thought they were all decorations!

  4. Xeristh says:

    No!! I can’t spot Kroten!
    Well, have fun to play with those statues! Perhaps they could be your brothers/sisters! 😀

  5. Alice Audrey says:

    LOL – imagine sitting next to the shelf and thinking everything there was plaster, then one of them crawls away.

    btw, the “download this side” sign meant that was the way to take the ski lift down the mountain.

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