It’s been a while since our last Herptile Spotlight. Kroten used to be the one writing this, but I am taking control for now because it’s a bit scientific now.

The reason why I suddenly want to write this is because there are so many people who seemed to confuse between these three emyduras: Emydura Sublogosa, Emydura Schultzei and Emydura Novaeguineae.

It’s actually easy to differentiate Emydura Sublogosa to the other two Emyduras, the one that is difficult to tell apart is between Emydura Schultzei and Emydura Novaeguineae. To be honest, I am still unsure which one is Papoe’s species; Schultzei or Novaeguineae.

According to this Journal :


These three Emyduras are spread on Papua and Australia but only Emydura Sublogosa can be found in Australia, the other two can only be found in Papua (hence Papoe’s name is Papoe -poe is read as poo). Emydura and Elseya is the same genus. stated the physical description of Emydura Sublogosa as following: Red-bellied short-necked turtles have olive-colored heads with a yellow-cream stripe running from the tip of the nose through the eye and into the iris (Georges et al. 2008). They have a prominent upper jaw and two yellow whiskers on the chin; the same yellow coloration runs along the light-colored jaw line. The upper neck region is dark gray and the lower, light gray with red streaks running along it. This same coloration appears on the bottom jaw and belly of the turtle, although the color can vary among bright orange, yellow, or pink (Legler and Georges, 1993; Ernst and Barbour, 1989). The limbs, tail, plastron, and abdominal regions are all marked with red (Ernst and Barbour, 1989). Young red-bellied short-necked turtles generally have brighter markings that fade as they grow, with their red color turning pinkish with time (Ernst and Barbour, 1989).

Please note that Emydura Sublogosa is NOT pink-belly short necked turtle, it is RED-belly short necked turtle.

Copyright: Zingarate

Baby Red-belly; Copyright: Zingarate

Adult Red-belly; Copyright: cheloniophilie

Adult Red-belly; Copyright: Cheloniophilie

The Reptiles of the Indo-australian Archipelago had given specific explanation of how to differentiate Emydura Schultzei and Emydura Novaeguineae. Reading the explanation, I sort of suspect (now) that papoe is NOT Emydura Schultzei, I think he is Emydura Novaeguineae.

Elseya schultzei expl

Elseya novaeguineae expl

Reading the last part: a yellowish streak on each side, becoming indistinct in adult specimens, from behind the eye to ….(and so on) makes me think that Papoe is Novaeguineae or White-belly short necked turtle.

Papoe with his yellow streak

Papoe's indistinct dtreak

Papoe’s indistinct streak

 BUT….Papoe’s plastron is pinkish.

Papoe in insta

Pictures by Andreas S. Hennig shows how white a Novaeguinea is:


Site: Chrysemys


Site: Chrysemys

And according to Hariprajitno’s Blog, here are pictures of a Schultzei:

img-20130917-wa0007 picture11

Papoe is neither as white as Novaeguinea nor as pink as Schultzei…that’s why I am still in doubt. If anyone out there really know the different PLEASE tell me more about these two emyduras so that I can be convinced which one is Papoe; a Schultzei or a Novaeguineae. I know that it doesn’t matter which one is he I still love him either way but it’s nice to know more about his species.

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10 responses »

  1. KDKH says:

    I wish I could help, but it’s out of my league!

  2. Binky says:

    It’s interesting how Papoe seems to have some characteristics of both species. You might have to wait until he grows more to find out what he really is.

  3. Alice Audrey says:

    Isn’t it enough to be cute?

  4. roth0003 says:

    I had no clue that there was so much to know about turtles.
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. Alexis says:

    Her mom was a white belly, her dad was a pink belly, and her cousin was a red belly. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if that was true, so thats my theory.

    Or maybe she is a morph pink belly like Kroten(?)

    • Novroz says:

      That could be a theory!!
      I don’t know whether she is a morph or not because I rarely see people sharing their adult pink belly.

      Kroten is now becoming more and more like normal turtle

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