I AM BACK!!!!! \(^_^)/ After a looooong holiday, I am finally back at work…which mean back into active blogging again 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I had shared One Day In The Park – Part 1, now it’s time to share the PART 2 of that day. They always go to school parks at least once a week. Usually, nothing much happened…well I did get amazingly cute photos of them every time they had their walk in the park which I shared mostly in instagram (I will share the best here one day).

However on this one special day we had 2 things happening, one curious cat and letting my little ones walk around the bushes…I don’t usually do that because I don’t want to loose them but I guess once in a while it’s okay 😉

There is one photo with the cat that I forgot to share in Part 1. Here’s the cat seriously looking at Kroten while Kroten didn’t care at all with her.


After the cat left, the adventure of the little ones began!!

No matter how many times I put Kurome and Papoe together, they ALWAYS walk toward different direction. It also happened that day.




Walking their separate way

In the end, it ALWAYS looks something like this #sigh DSC04941 DSC04942 Kurome went to the bushes. The people in the school call this area as little jungle.


“My favorite trek”


“Mommy, I will explore it whether you like it or not!!”

…and the adventure began! DSC04948 Papoe was busy walking around in the open space.


Amazingly…even Kroten decided to have a little adventure of her own!!


All three of them were walking toward THREE DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS!!!

That was TOO much for one mommy to handle. I didn’t worry about Kroten at all because she is quite big and easy to spot…BUT the little ones, Kurome and Papoe are different, if I stop looking at them in just two minutes I could loose sight of their whereabouts.

I had enough chasing them here and there and decided to put them all in my barricade (see previous post) again….and they created turtle stack to get away. TRUST ME!! I didn’t arrange this to happen, Kroten climbed up and then Papoe was going to follow but Kurome outran her and climbed on her.

I am glad I always bring my camera when going to the park…otherwise I wouldn’t have this cute photo 😉 I took it as fast as I could and didn’t realize Kroten’s head was not fully in the pic…otherwise it would be a perfect photo.


Fortunately, After that Kroten decided to just stay on my lap. For her, the best place in the world is probably Mommy’s lap. Every time I sit on the ground/floor, she will immediately climb up onto my lap.


That day was not the best day for Kroten to be sitting on my lap as I had to start chasing the little rascals again. Big sister finally acted as her usual again as she finally decided to help Mommy a bit by not walking around and enjoying the sun to cure her fungus. Thank you, dear 🙂

Here’s a video of the two of them racing here and there…and I let them have a walk in the bushes.

Kurome and Papoe spent the rest of our park day in a container filled with water. They had to enjoy the sun there and waited for Kroten to finish with her sunbath.

Kroten always decides when to stop our park time because she will walk to the shaded area once she thinks she had enough with the sun…and that’s the time I take all three of them back to the room.

Will close this post with a picture of my three loved ones 🙂

The two little rascals #shakeshead


The sweet big sister. I wish the camera didn’t automatically focus on something. I really like this pic but the the camera’s autofocus was focusing on her nails instead of her face. To me, it looks like she was saying “I am a good girl, right Mommy?” … Yes, you are! 😉

DSC04972 Have a nice Monday everyone 🙂

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  1. that’s the bestest prison break I ever saw… I thought the same while reading… one mom with two legs and two hands and 3 turtles… that’s a challenge :o)

    • Novroz says:

      3 turtles with 4 legs and able to walk faster than they are given credit for 😉

      It was indeed a challenge. I need to built a containment or something like that

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    They’re just so sweet and really do have minds of their own – each wanting to explore a different type of area. How adorable! You did an amazing job keeping up with them all! 😀

    • Novroz says:

      Thank you Daisy’s Mom 🙂
      I try my best to watch them all…but sometimes when I get too tired I just put the little ones in the container. Some teachers said that my little ones are just like pre-k (pre-kindergaten) students who won’t sit still.

  3. they are so darn cute!!! I bet they LOVE their time in the park!

    • Novroz says:

      Thank you Caren.
      I think they like it. I always see them walking here and there enjoying the feel of grass and soil under their feet.

  4. Eileen says:

    What a cute post, I love the turtles and their names. Happy Monday, enjoy your week ahead!

  5. So cute, I saw a video with another cat playing back and forth with a turtle it was cute too.

    I welcome you to stop by and linkup http://ohmyheartsiegirl.com/heartsie-girls-wordless-wednesday-25/

    Have a great day!

  6. Binky says:

    I had no idea they travelled that fast! You must have racing turtles.

  7. xeristh says:

    Wow thats cute climbing. I feel a little bit sorry fro Papoe through.

  8. Rhonda Albom says:

    Beautiful turtles.

  9. My sister sent me photos of my turtles too! Its just a shame that its dark but might share it to you via twitter some time!

    Lovely photos as always =)

  10. Alice Audrey says:

    They are remarkably fast. Funny about the stacking. Good thing you had your camera with you.

    • Novroz says:

      Yes they are. The slow ones are actually the tortoise. Fresh water turtles are quite fast.

      My camera (phone or digital) is always ready when I am taking them out 😉

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