Hi …

My name is Kame, my mommy called me Kame-chan. I am the 1st turtle she adopted. My previous owner got bored with me…but I do not feel sad because I am now on the hand of someone who loves me so much. I feel blessed because she takes good care of me like I am the most important thing in her life.

I’m a bit spoiled, I love my mommy. I love sleeping on her lap and chase her around. Posing in front of camera really comes natural to me 🙂

I came to my mom on October 2006. On March 2008, I have a new sister named Kroten…well she bought her because she thought Kroten was a boy, she wanted him to be my future husband, unfortunately ‘he’ turned into a ‘she’. I never get along with her because she is so cruel and such a bully.

I got my name from my mommy’s crazy idea in naming pets. Kame is the word for turtle in Japanese, her idea in naming is simply by giving us the same meaning in other language…would you call that creative or NOT creative?

That’s all about me, I hope you enjoy my life.

This is me:

Update on Kame by Novroz

Kame had passed away on March 9, 2012.

Post related to her death:

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  1. HY says:

    …etooo he turn into she. Too bad lol = =
    Kame,i think your sister is jealous because you stay with mommy longer than her.
    I believe you are a good girl,you will try to get along with her 🙂
    good luck~

  2. Tony says:

    I think you have a very creative name. It suits your cuteness

    • Kame says:

      Thank you so much Tony 🙂
      Mommy will be happy to know that you think my name is creative. Her students think that it was a silly way to name a pet.

      • Shaylah says:

        its not silly I love japan and its great yht u learn wht ur name means in a different language

      • Novroz says:

        I am tempted to name ALL my turtle in different language…but finally only Kame and Kroten mean turtle in other language 😉

  3. I love the name, Kame. 🙂 When i was a child, I named all my animals similar names.I had cats named Dog, Fish, Mouse and Eagle. And my toys were named Monkey (a monkey), Froggie (a frog). So I think your mommy was very creative in naming you in a different language. 🙂

    You are such a pretty girl, and you are so lucky that your mommy knows how to use a camera! 🙂 So glad you found a wonderful home too; you deserve it! Sorry Kroten is a bully. 😦

  4. Kame says:

    Hahaha that’s a funny way to name you pets and toys…glad to meet another person with weird way of naming 😉 I thought my mommy is the only one with that style of naming.

    thank you so much aunt Katie…I think mommy has nice model (meaning me) that’s why she knows how to use camera…does that make sense? 😉
    Don’t worry…I got used to her now…she isn’t as bullier as before now.

  5. i named my pets(since this far is only turtle i have) with the name of pokemon,

  6. love you so much kame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amanda says:

    Kame do u have facebook o,o

  8. Amanda says:

    U mean kame past away? Poor turtle sad to hear that u must be the most sad ones to see kame past away im also kame ‘s fan poor turtle anyway even if ur turtle past away it will always be in ur heart actually is kroten still a live? And once turtle are big u need to let them go to the oceon so they live naturaly poor turtle u were best for kame did kame lay turtle eggs yet can u tell me how kame died , novroz u must be poor to see him die if u tell me the story of how ur turtle died maybe i can help a little mistake like for a repay that u always anwer our question and thinks we dont know

    • Novroz says:

      You can read the header, actually. it says: The Life of 4 Turtles: Kame(R.I.P), Kroten, Papoe and Kurome.
      Kame is the only one who has passed away and sorry I am not strong enough to re-tell what happen to her.

      Although she is already gone, she still lives in my heart and all her blogger friends

  9. Amanda says:

    Sorry to hear that ur turtle is dead and i know why ur weak to re tell what happen to kame if i saw kame died i will also feel the same way as u feel crying like maybe few hours sorry to hear what happen to kame ur favorite turtle that trust u most in life i still wish and hope others are going well and healthy good luck with poe , kroten and kurome and sorry if i ask that and maybe it remind u of the sad things again but i promise i wont ask silly or sad question again good luck with all ur turtles that are still with u ❤

    I will try to find a better idea for kroten , poe and kurome before their full grown

    Also as a repay i will say good luck

  10. Bry says:

    Hello!! I absolutely love your blog! What you’re doing with your turtles are amazing. I have a 1 year old RES but she always runs away when I come around. i dont think shes scared of me but im not sure. How do I build a relationship like yours with my turtle?

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