Hi …

My name is Kroten, My mommy called me Kroten-chan. I am her 2nd turtle. She bought me because she wanted to find a husband for my older sister, Kame, but unfortunately I am not a boy…I am a girl.

I know that mom didn’t love me as much as Kame because I am not obedient and caring enough. Grandma used to say that I am mommy’s step daughter. However, as I grow older I learn few things from my older sister. I show her that I can be caring too, and now she loves me as much as she loves Kame 🙂

Mommy saved me from that cruel pet shop on March 2008. I was mistreated there, I lost my nails and some parts of my carapace and plastron were rotting 😦 Mommy took good care of me and now I turn into such a beautiful turtle. I am what people called as morphs. I turn yellowish instead of brown like most RES.

I got my name from my mommy’s crazy idea in naming pets, her idea in naming is simply by giving us the same meaning in other language…would you call that creative or NOT creative? Mine comes from German, it is a shorten from schildkroten which mean turtles. To make it similar with my older sister, she cuts the ‘schild’ and keeps the ‘kroten’

That’s all about me, I hope you enjoy my life.

This is me:


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  1. Asop says:

    Wow, I like this photo (Kame’s also)… 😀

    Kame and Kroten, how lucky you are, guys… 😆

  2. Tony says:

    You are a cute girl too just like your sister.

  3. Ah, Kroten! I love that you have that yellow coloring, it is simply gorgeous! And it contrasts so well with your sister’s coloring. I’m so glad that your mommy saved you from that mean pet shop. Sometimes people aren’t very nice, but other times, they are just wonderful.

    Ah, it sounds like you were just a young one when you weren’t as caring. We all do things when we’re young that maybe isn’t the best. And you were new to your home. So glad things are better now. 🙂 Take care, beautiful girl!

    • Kroten says:

      Thank you aunt Katie.my yellow color is decreasing now but it will appear again once I have shed all my old scutes. Me too, I felt bless to get out of that pet-store and live full of love and care with my mommy and sister.

      Yeah,I regretted the days when I looked at her full of suspicious mind.i blamed the human in pet-store for that. I am also glad things are getting better day by day

  4. Amanda says:

    How to put my own picture like how u put ur turtle pictures kroten?

  5. Amanda says:

    I mean everytime u type u see the left there a turtle picture can i put my own turtle pictures to o.o?

  6. Amanda says:


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