Why Gratitude?

Because this page is dedicated to people (or blog) who had kindly shared information about our blog. We felt so honored to be presented in a nice way by those wonderful bloggers. So much gratitude is given to them, lots of hugs and kisses also given to them.

Uncle Joel gave us a wonderful idea. Mommy will take our picture while surfing on their blogs.

Thank you, ありがとう and terima kasih

Here are the blogs that made us written this gratitude….love you all so much xoxoxo

Life With 4 Cats. Aunt Sara and her 4 cute kitties: Pooh, Babyboy, Twiggy and Littlegirl.

She had kindly shared special post about us, turtles, in her amazing blog – complete guidance to the feline world.

The title is For Love Of Turtles.

Thank you Aunt Sara xoxo



Furfilled of The Daily Toki had shared our blog in his special post about his blogger buddies, the titled is Dedicated to My Blogger Buddies : Happy Bark Days and Kame & Kroten.

We were surprise when we saw a couple of pingbacks in our post…a nice surprise by Toki.


Joel Burman of Deny Everything had created a weekly post dedicated to sites he thinks as great sites.

It was an honor to know that he put our blog as his first post for that weekly post 🙂

Here is his post about us 🙂 Linkin Park #1: Kame and Kroten



Debbie Adams of a blog with her own name is a talented artist who had kindly painted Kroten in a unique way.

Kroten felt so  happy about the painting and bragging about it all the time. She no longer paintless/drawless. She had written about her painting and Aunt Debbie in her special post.

You can see the original painting in Aunt Debbies’s blog, Kroten In A Dream 🙂


undefinedWe have received same award from 3 different friends. Princess Lucy (her mom put it on her blog, Georgia Girl Says) was the first who gave us the award…but we had some computer problems back then,so we couldn’t write about it yet. Two days ago, George gave us the same award…and  yesterday, Oscar also gave us this award.

On October 26, we received another The Versatile Blogger Award from our lovely Aunt Debbie. Thank you Aunt Deb 🙂

Our post about the award is here.

We feel so honored and happy knowing that there are 3 wonderful pet-bloggers who are thinking about us…thank you soooooo much xoxo

[Sorry for no photo because the communicator- our mini computer- has broken 😦 ] New Awards:

 Popcorn – The Toy Poodle, she shared it in her post called I fell Blessed.

We received this award from two of our doggie friends, Jet @ Hey…it’s Jet here with his post Thank You Thursday and Daisy @ Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven with her post What a Wonderful Surprise!.

You can read our post of the two awards by clicking on the images 🙂

Another award from Poppy http://fluffypopcorn.com/2012/06/16/%E2%99%A5-feeling-really-thankful/

In 2014, we received Liebster Blog Award from Aunty Karel @ Peace in My Life and Field of Flowers by Aunty Susan @ Life With Dogs and Cats >> We shared our post HERE.

20 responses »

  1. didiwright says:

    Oh, wow, those pictures are fantastic. That is such a neat idea…You’re a genius, Novroz! And the girls look like true professionals 😀

    • Novroz says:

      Thanks 🙂
      It kinda hit me when a friend asked me to have a picture of Kame browsing his blog. He gave the basic idea,I expand it for all the blogs that have mentioned my turtle’s blog.
      Hahaha they are true professionals!!

  2. furfilled says:

    We love your gratitude page!! We’re honored to be listed. And Toki blushed when she saw that Kame and Kroten were checking out her blog. They are obviously computer whiz kids. (Toki still needs a lot of help from me with her blogging…)

    • Novroz says:

      Thank you and you deserved to be listed here 🙂
      I cannot make them leave that tiny computer…lucky they can’t reach my big computer 😉
      I believe Toki will get better everyday…she is a smart dog.

  3. LOL! The sight of Kame blog-surfing has made my day. Where did you ever find such a tiny little computer? It’s the perfect size for your turtles! Once again, your Gratitude page is a fantastic idea 😀

    • Kame says:

      Thank you Aunt SJ and Miss Maple…we are glad we can make your day 😀
      Well…actually, that’s not a computer, that’s mommy’s Nokia 9500 communicator . We googled it and this is how it look like (here)

  4. lifewith4cats says:

    Your gratitude page is awesome. It makes my heart feel like butterflies to see Kame blog surfing. What a fantastic idea. And thank you! Im so lucky to have such cute and creative nieces. huggs and treats to you. (but not poop treats, kroten.)

    • Kroten says:

      You are most welcome, Aunt Sara 🙂
      We really miss your blog, when are you planning to update it?

      You might be surprised of how delicious poop is 😆

  5. Your turtles are so technically savvy! How did you teach them how to surf the web? Oscar’s so thrilled he’s made not one, but TWO turtle friends. He loves turtles! 😀

    P.S. I thought Kame and Kroten were surfing the web on a tiny turtle-sized computer, too! LOL!

    • Novroz says:

      Just don’t play with them like you play with your turtle toy, Oscar 😉

      That is a secret I will not share to anyone! Kame and Kroten made me keep it as a secret because they don’t want other turtle to read and start making blogs too.

      PS. It works like a computer too…I used to blog using that communicator before finally having my computer connected.

  6. Joel Burman says:

    I’m proud to be the first non pet blog to be featured on your gratitude page! So what are you guys doing this summer? I’m now on a three week holiday!

    • Kame says:

      Thank you for mentioning us on your blog. It is really nice to know we have crossed the pet borders 😉

      How fun is that!! Our mommy has 2 weeks holiday from her school but her other job asked her to join an education fair which caused her to be very busy for 11 straight days 😦 We missed her a lot.

      But…she is back to her normal schedule again 🙂

  7. Debbie Adams says:

    This is a wonderful page, and a wonderful idea too! I’m honored to be listed here with all the others. Thank you so much. You are very kind, Novia!

    Deb xx

    • Novroz says:

      You are more than welcome Deb 🙂
      Who would have though my baby turtles could have such nice friends across blogosphere…this is just a small return for your kindness :hug:

  8. wow yar both so cool and so techie turtles… and ya use that talking thing for browsing… – Vanilla Bean

  9. Amanda says:

    Wow erm i saw those turtle using computer thingy pictures so cute is like thier learning biology things o,o amazing

  10. Amanda says:

    Hi kame ur my 1st fan and is ut really kame the turtle typing words cause im confused when i saw pictures of kame using computer but im not thinking its wierd im just confuse

  11. Amanda says:

    Erm sorry if i ask about the really kame or not kame typing thing cause to me if i ask this is abit rude to let people hear this i think hope u forgive me for what i said anyway good luck for everything

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