This is the newest section of our blog. Inspired by mommy’s monthly post in her blog, Polychrome Interest. In here, we will share a bit information from other herptiles.

We think that sharing only about turtles is a bit unfair, so we discussed  it  and came to a decision to share 1 herptile per month.

What is herptile? It is a new term for amphibian and reptile.

Here are the herptiles we have talked about:

1. Tokay Gecko

2. The Schneider’s Gold Skink

3. Komodo Dragon

4. Buaya Muara

5. Diamondback Turtle

6. Pink Belly Short Necked Turtle

7. Argentine Black and White Tegu

8. Chinese Three-keeled Pond Turtle

9. The Emyduras tartaruga-dall-addome-rosso-emydura-subglobosa Elseya-novaeguineae-06

Special: Interview with the owner of Turtlemorph.comturtlemorphs logo

8 responses »

  1. I love kame im a fan of her sooooooooooooo much :D.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can you share a lil bit of leopard gecko information?

  3. SpicyRamen>. says:

    Hi little turtle

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi poe and kroten nice to talk to u o.o?

    Poe do u have ur page?

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