Hi fellow turtle lovers, especially Red Eared Slider and Pink Belly Short Necked Turtle 🙂

I have received some questions regarding how to take care of Turtles.I AM NOT AN EXPERT AT ALL!! But I keep learning from my mistakes when I take care of my baby turtles….therefore, I may help you from my process of learning…or we can say “let’s learn together!”

After I received this twit by @Absolute4Droid :

@Kame_kroten @novroz I came across your blog and I need your help. My turtle (an RES, not sure of age as she’s a rescue) has ripped the skin connecting her shell to her right arm. Do you know how this happened? Or if it’ll heal on it’s own?

I decided to do what I have done in my personal blog. I create a page for anyone to ask anything about their RES or YBSNT. Once again I NEED to mention that I am not an expert.

To get better advice please visit Red Ear Slider.com.

before you start asking, please check this page/post first:

Turtle Fact : where you can read bits about turtles.

How to Train Your Turtle : Things I did to tame my turtles

Perawatan Kura-Kura : For those who can speak Indonesian

I hope we can help each other through this page. Feel free to give me good advice about taking care of turtle…I really appreciate that 🙂

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  1. Dhruv says:

    My turtle did not walk properly with front leg

  2. Julia says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could reccommend any commands or things to do with my turtle. she is a few months old and still a little loopy so i dont want to do anything too complicated.

  3. regina says:

    hi i need answers real quick pleasei found a red ear slider it looks like he cant open his mouth it looks sealed some how , how can i fix it so he can eaty?

  4. Allie Stha says:

    Hi I love your videos. They are so cute and adorable. I have two baby turtles less than 6 months old. How can I train them to climb my hands too?

    Thank you very much.

  5. Suryansh Saxena says:

    HI, I have a new turtle and its just few days bringing her. She is not eating food since the day it came. What should i do? is it common in turtles that they need few days to get familiar to their environment??

    • Novroz says:

      Hi Suryansh, sorry for this very late reply.

      It is very common for turtle to act like that. It needs adjustment. I hope your turtle is doing well now

  6. Catherine says:

    My turtle is obedient ENOUGH but doesn’t actually know their name yet. What can I do to help them know?

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