Share Your Pets #11: Pardis’ Turtles and Tortoises

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Mommy was actually planning to share about Kroten’s unusual behaviour but editing the video took a lot of time. Our PC’s movie maker seemed to take forever to edit simple video :(

Our last post was last week, we didn’t want to leave this blog empty for much longer. Fortunately, we had 2 emails that we can share here :)

Pardis was so eager to share about her turtles and tortoises.


hey everyone!
It’s Pardis here! Today I will share my turtles to you all! I have like seven turtles already! Two land tortoises and five water ones. So, I would love to share some with you guys!

My first one is Sparkles. Sparkles is super adorable! He is an Indian Star tortoise. He’s very sensitive but also very sweet. He always and I mean always cuddles up to the bigger tortoise, sometimes, he’ll on top of the tortoises arm, since he is so tiny and the other one is quite large :P
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Happy 69th Independence Day

Today we celebrate 69 years of freedom!!! Free from colonialism. Endless gratitude toward the heroes who had freed Indonesia from colonialism.

A bit of history and the flag of our country can be read in Mommy’s blog:

This is our way of celebrating our Independence Day, by having our pictures in the colour of our national flag :)


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Wonderful Drawings by Alexis

Yeaaaa \(^_^)/

Alexis, parent of Buddy, has drawn beautiful drawings of us :)

First of all, this is Buddy :)

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Papoe is Catching Up (with Kroten)

Back in June, I have shared how Papoe is catching up and becomes bigger than Kuro. Today I want to share his comparison to Kroten.

When I bought Papoe, he was sooooooo tiny and incredibly cute (he is still incredibly cute but not tiny anymore) He was the tiniest turtle I ever own (Kame was the second). The first thing I did was taking his picture with Kroten. It was back in March 2012.


He was like a small dot next to Kroten.

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We’re Back!!!


Mommy finally returns to us :)

She had been away for a while to celebrate Eid-ul Fitr. As you know, she left us on our own in her dormitory room. She came to visit us every four days but she had no time to help us update our blog. School will start tomorrow, so she is now at home with us :)

We can sleep on our ‘bed’ again now….not in that cold tank.

We all miss you soooooo much ((hug))…we’ll be visiting your blogs soon :)

We have so much to share but all in good time.

Eid Mubarak 1435H


Dear Blogger friends,
Throughout this year, I may have said things that offended you…on this blessed day, I seek forgiveness from you all.

Happy Eid-ul Fitr to all Muslim around the world, may Allah always be with us.

Home Alone and Happy Children’s Day

Home Alone Turtle

Starting today, Mommy will have another school holiday until August 6. This time, it’s EĪd ul-Fitr holiday. Becau7se most Indonesian are Muslim, schools usually give 2 weeks holiday. Most of them will go Mudik (tradition to go home to their village > Read more about it at Polychrome Interest), fortunately our Mommy will stay in Jakarta. She will visit us in the dorm every once in three or four days. We have our automatic feeder attached to our tanks but she ALWAYS worries about us, not just about food. If she doesn’t visit us, she will go crazy. Just by knowing we are all swimming happily or basking joyfully already put her at ease. Maybe she should put on CCTV camera so she can see us all the time ;) Continue reading

Share Your Pet #10: Gangjute and Buddy

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Finally…after 1 year 1 month, we have a new post for our Share your pet project :)

Our friend, Alexis @ Alexis & Buddy’s Adventure shares story of her two pets, Gangjute and Buddy.


Hi! Alexis here!
I’m going to share about the loves of my life, Gangjute and Buddy.
I start with the oldster, Gangjute.

We have never been completely sure about his breed, but we think he is a mixture of a blue heeler and Dalmatian. My father was at work and one of his co workers was giving out puppies for free. My dad called my mom and asked witch one they would like as a pet. My brother LOVED the one with the spot on is eye. And that’s how we got Gangjute.

Gangjute has always been a great security guard. Even though I am pretty old, when I was younger and I am still the youngest, Gangjute would get right between me and a stranger. He would growl or anything, but he would be there just in case. Continue reading

Semi WW: We Are Blogville

We know about this fabulous bloghop from Easy’s blog. We have been sharing bad news on Mommy’s kitties…so we think we should cheer up this blog a bit by joining the bloghop hosted by Murphy and Stanley.

We are blogville!!

Our names are:

Kroten, a red eared slider.

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We Have No Kittens Anymore :(

I still can’t post about my baby turtles yet because something bad had happened…again!!!

We no longer has the kittens because someone STOLE them when no one was at home :(

The awful event happened Thursday evening (I wish I could write about it faster but my PC is in my dorm). My Sister In Law didn’t tell me straight away because she wanted to wait for me to be at home. I had plan to meet my fellow teachers from previous school, so I went home a bit late. She texted me asking whether I am going to go home or not, I said I will be home a bit late, she replied by saying be home soon, poor Uci has lost all her kids, someone stole them.

When I got home, I asked her the detail. My brother took my Uncle who was visiting from Padang to a mall. My in law went to a mini-market near our house. When she returned home, she didn’t saw the kitties but assumed they were playing somewhere because those active kitties often seemed disappear but then showed up again…but she saw a brick, helmet’s front glass inside the shelter and a wooden block we used to block the water during heavy rain was placed in front of the shelter. (I reconstructed the condition to show you)


The next morning she saw only Uci was sleeping inside the shelter. She looked around for the kitties and couldn’t find them anywhere. Continue reading