Do they look like stress turtles to you?

Someone has been posting interesting comments on my blog lately. I am not going to contradict him because as long as he/she writes his/her comments in polite words, I wouldn’t delete the comment at all nor attack him/her. Every opinion will be publish regardless how different it is to my opinion.

The first comment, he shares about his pet turtle that he rescued once, in addition he pointed out this:

Turtles are not like dogs. Being handled in excess creates intense stress on them, which in turn weakens their immune system.

Full comment> here

And then he posted another one recently which sounds like this: ( some part of the comment is for other people)

He bit you because turtles do not like to play. Reptiles are not mammals. They have a strong survival instinct. They like to be left alone. It is less stress on them.
Would you feel happy having a giant person as tall as a 10 story building, handling you all the time? The person below can’t even find their turtles. Do you know why?
Because they don’t like to be handled or held captive, and have tried to escape the torture.
People on here that want to handle their turtles and try to train them are seffish, and are only looking to impress other people. When your turtle dies, years before the 20-40 years that they are supposed to live, then you will be crying. And it will be your own fault for being so foolishly selfish.

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Swing time

As Kroten has shared in her post about the playground, the turtles somehow enjoyed the swing ;) (well, the truth is, I put them on the swing ;) )



“Please swing me Mom!”

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The Turtles in Our Playground’s Pond

As I have stated in my previous post (The Playground – Enjoying The Sun part 6) that we have new friends from the pond.


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The Playground (Enjoying The Sun Part 6)

This is my last post on enjoying the sun around Mommy’s school.Previous places are: on the roof, on the left side of Mommy’s dorm, on the main gardenin our room,

There are still many green places in school but it’s inconvenient for Mommy to sit and watch us. Therefore this is the last place we can share. It’s the school’s playground.

The school where Mommy works (and lives) starts from per-kindergaten to high school. This one is the playground for kindergarten and PYP (primary year program – the same level as elementary).


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3 Turtles on The Shelf

No…it’s not on Mommy’s shelf!

One of mommy’s dorm-mate (is this even a word?) brought three turtle’s ornaments and put it on the dining room’s shelf…you can also call it as common room where everyone often gather. It seems that we are getting more popular in her dorm ;)

Two of them are bigger than me and Papoe, one of them is smaller than both of us. You can put things inside the big ones but the small one is just a small toy.


Here’s me investigating the new comers

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Kroten Doesn’t Like Kurome

Hi…Indonesian would say “Lama tak jumpa“, Japanese would say “Hisashiburi” and English speaker would say “Long time no see:)

Sorry for being away for more than a week. I actually have so much to write about my turtles but early school year is so hectic. I hardly had time to sit nicely and write something. I was always too tired to think. I am getting used to my routine now and finally have time to sit nicely and think.

I have been eager to share this since few months ago but I need more video and more observation to really come up with an issue.

Now, please look at this video first!

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Share Your Pets #11: Pardis’ Turtles and Tortoises

Click this button to see other pets

Click this button to see other pets

Mommy was actually planning to share about Kroten’s unusual behaviour but editing the video took a lot of time. Our PC’s movie maker seemed to take forever to edit simple video :(

Our last post was last week, we didn’t want to leave this blog empty for much longer. Fortunately, we had 2 emails that we can share here :)

Pardis was so eager to share about her turtles and tortoises.


hey everyone!
It’s Pardis here! Today I will share my turtles to you all! I have like seven turtles already! Two land tortoises and five water ones. So, I would love to share some with you guys!

My first one is Sparkles. Sparkles is super adorable! He is an Indian Star tortoise. He’s very sensitive but also very sweet. He always and I mean always cuddles up to the bigger tortoise, sometimes, he’ll on top of the tortoises arm, since he is so tiny and the other one is quite large :P
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Happy 69th Independence Day

Today we celebrate 69 years of freedom!!! Free from colonialism. Endless gratitude toward the heroes who had freed Indonesia from colonialism.

A bit of history and the flag of our country can be read in Mommy’s blog:

This is our way of celebrating our Independence Day, by having our pictures in the colour of our national flag :)


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Wonderful Drawings by Alexis

Yeaaaa \(^_^)/

Alexis, parent of Buddy, has drawn beautiful drawings of us :)

First of all, this is Buddy :)

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Papoe is Catching Up (with Kroten)

Back in June, I have shared how Papoe is catching up and becomes bigger than Kuro. Today I want to share his comparison to Kroten.

When I bought Papoe, he was sooooooo tiny and incredibly cute (he is still incredibly cute but not tiny anymore) He was the tiniest turtle I ever own (Kame was the second). The first thing I did was taking his picture with Kroten. It was back in March 2012.


He was like a small dot next to Kroten.

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