WW: Me in Art

Mommy’s roommate surprises mommy by showing her a drawing of me :)

What do you think of her drawing? 


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Playing With My baby Turtles

You all know that I live on the third floor of my school and living there gives me more time to play with my baby turtles :)

The school starts at 7.30am and since it is less than 5 minutes from my room to teacher office, I always come 2-3 minutes before 7.30. It’s not because I am lazy but it’s more because of my turtles, I often play with them too long. They are so active in the morning.

Here’s a video why I always come near 7.30 to the office.

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Old Mischief: How To Play With Mobile Phone

I was digging through my old photos and found these series. I realized I haven’t shared the story behind this collection of pictures. I have shared the last pic but not the whole of it.

This moment was taken in 2011, Mommy didn’t have the phone anymore now.

Anyway, the mischief was actually on me…I wasn’t the one doing the mischief, I think you can guess who had done the mischief ;)

First, she put the mobile phone on the front porch. I was a bit curious.


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WW: Waking Up

Kame’s waking up face.

(414) Bangun Tidur a
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Adventure #5: Papoe’s Crash Course on Size and Gravity

The Adventure of Little Papoe

Adventure #5 : Crash Course on Size and Gravity

On a beautiful sunny day, Papoe decides to take a walk and enjoys the sun. As an adventurous little turtle, Papoe always sees the view around him with intense curiosity. He marvels at the beauty of the place he lives in. Swallows in the beauty of the surrounding, he almost ignores a little green beetle sitting solemnly on a piece of rock.

The Beetle sees Papoe and asks him to come closer, “Well, Hello little turtle, I assume you are still a kid even though you are much bigger than the old me.”

“Hello Mr Beetle,” answers Papoe politely. “Yes I am still a kid but I am much too small for my age.”

“Ah, you should be happy you’re still small, it allows you to have superpower ability.”

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13 Pictures of Me as Truck Driver


“This is a nice truck”


“What? I should check the back of the truck first?”

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New Awards!! Liebsters Blog Award and Field Of Flowers Award

It’s been a while since we last written about the blog awards we received…somehow we think that it’s time for us to do the awards again :)

I have never got an award before (the last award was for Kroten and Papoe, I wasn’t in the family yet)…so I will do the award post instead of Papoe and Kroten ;)

liebster-blog-22The first one is from Aunty Karel @ Peace in My Life. She gave us another Liebster award. We have to answer questions given by her. I am going to let Mommy do the answering because I don’t think the questions are for little turtle like me ;)

Take it away Mom!!


  • Where was your favorite place to live, and why?

Mommy’s answer: I would say the house I lived in when I was still in junior high because that house had a small outdoor space next to my room. If I still lived there, I would have turned that place into a pond for my baby turtles. I bet they would enjoy an outdoor pond instead of indoor tank that they are currently living in.

Happy 6th Gotcha Day My Dearest Kroten

First of all, Thank you so much to all our friends for the good luck wish on our previous post, Busy Mommy. I was so busy that I thought today is March 18…shame on me!!

Fortunately, something reminded me that today is March 19…I almost forgot Kroten’s Gotcha Day!!

I took several time out from grading my students’ mid term test so that I can prepare another Prezi for my beloved Kroten. She is 6 now…I can’t believe how time goes so fast like that. Having Kroten in my turtle family has been such an amazing journey, she and Papoe are my most challenging turtles…but I guess Love conquer shyness, eventually :)

Kroten's Birthday

That’s the image on the prezi, and here’s the link to see it fully > Here

Busy Mommy

Again…we have to say sorry that we are unable to post anything new now because Mommy is in the middle of making her mid term test and then followed by checking the papers :(

She will be abandoning us and the blogs for a while…fortunately, we already had a scheduled post for this coming Thursday.

See you all soon.


Happy 2nd Gotcha Day My Dearest Papoe

After 2 years, he is still very shy but he is warming up a little…but no matter how shy he is, I still love him wholeheartedly.

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day my dearest Papoe :)

I make a special prezi for his gotcha day :)

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