Semi WW: Mommy’s Edits

Mommy wants to make another series of shirts of us :)

I wasn’t there in her first t-shirt series…so I am so excited because I am going to be on her shirt. Right now, she is trying to do better editing on our pics. Here are her first t-shirst> HERE

She tries to make a pop-art of me:


Original pic

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Our First Movie Review


Yeaaaaa \(^_^)/ …we finally saw the movie.

Because Mommy couldn’t take us to the cinema, so we waited patiently till the DVD is out. We finally saw it last night and so eager to share it.

I do believe that almost everyone knows Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they are the coolest turtles. I am going to try to do a movie review, probably not as good as mommy’s review at her blog Polychrome Interest but I am going to try.

The story starts from the beginning again. It’s their first time showing up in public. April O’Neil is investigating the Foot Clan. During her investigation, she finds out that there is a vigilante fighting the Foot Clan but no one trusts her. April is a good reporter, she follows the vigilante and finds out that there are four of them and they are not human at all. They are ninjas, mutant, turtles who are still teenager.

April figures out the rest, they used to be her pets. Her father was a scientist and those cute turtles were injected with something. The good part is, those famous ninjas are Red Ear Slider like me :) Continue reading

Bye Bye Gangjute, I Hope You Meet Kame There

Today, when I turned on my internet, I received a notification that someone had left me a comment. Usually, when am extremely busy I postpone replying it till I have free time…But today’s comment is something I can’t postpone no matter how busy I am.

My dear young friend who had been a good friend of this blog for almost a year had lost her faithful dog, Gangjute

Alexis of Alexis and Buddy’s Adventure had shared  about Gangjute in our Share Your Pets Project. I will share it again now: Continue reading

WW: I Try To Enjoy The Sun on My Basking Area

Mommy always thinks that I never step on my basking area…but I gave her a surprise once ;)


Old Mischief: Special Basking Area


First of all, if you are wondering how’s my tail (previous post). I am now grounded. My tail was dried and then I peeled it off with my own claw. Yup!! That’s what happens. And now Mommy is grounding me, I am not allowed to enter the water ever again…well, at least until my skin all comes back.

She is currently very confused with my behaviour…but other than that, I am as cheerful as always and still eats like a pig. So nothing to worry about. My tail is already dry again but she still won’t let me be in the water unless for eating and drinking. Cruel Mommy!!

Anyway…I want to share you my secret basking area (tho mommy scolded me for doing this…I don’t know why).

This happen last August.

She came home and saw me enjoying my alternative basking area.

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Update on Kurome: The Vet and Healing up

A couple a day after I wrote My Poor Handsome Turtle, the stupid mother (read: me!) went to school in a hurry and didn’t attach the divider properly. I came home finding the divider slightly tilt. Papoe was still on his side and Kurome was on his basking on the other side. The gap was enough for Papoe to cross to Kuro’s side but I found him still in his side of the tank…however, Kuro’s tail gave me a shock!

There’s no skin on it! He was already healing and the old wound already dried….but that day (Monday, November 10) I found no skin on his tail.

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My Poor Handsome Turtle

This is a serious post…very serious.

I don’t know whether I have ever told you this or not, that Kurome is my favorite out my three turtles (although I still consider Kame as my most favorite one but among the ones still alive, Kurome is)…However, it seems that my other turtles hate him so much…or maybe his black color makes him hated :(

I have shared how Kroten doesn’t like Kurome (here) because she always wants to bite him and sometimes even chases him just to bite his tail. I have fixed the problem by rotating them, when Kroten is on the floor, Kurome is in the tank and vice verse.

However…things doesn’t stop there :(

When I took Kurome home, I knew he wasn’t perfect. Another turtle had snatched his tail. This is how a normal Reeves turtle’s tail looks like :

Borrowed from

Borrowed from

Kurome had lost his long tail since I met him. Continue reading

WW: Turtle Selfie

Mommy is currently a bit very busy so she can’t help us much with our blog (she is also busy with her own blog, sharing her recent trip to another mountain).

To show that we are still here, here’s some turtle selfies with Mommy :)


Me: Mommy! Mommy!! Let me kiss you

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Look Whos’ Coming!

I have mentioned it so many times here how each turtle behaves differently and become approachable in their own time. Kame was an instant love at first sight, both of us became comfortable in no time. Kroten needed one and half year to show no fear and 4 years to show affection and eagerness to be touched and lifted. Kurome only took less than six months to grow attached to me….Now, Papoe is the one taking longer time than all my turtles.

I have him for more than 2.5 years and yet he still runs away when I want to touch him…but as the old saying, good things come to those who wait.

He showed amazing improvement last week. I was soooooo happy. It was a great progress.

Look at how he hangs around near us and recognizes his own name … I am sooo sooo sooo happy. I am a proud turtlemom. I look forward to see how he behaves in the future

Higher Water Level

Few months ago, June to be exact, I posted about Housing Two Turtles in One Tank….it was about how to make two turtles with different ability of swimming can live happily in the same tank.

Let me remind you a bit, Kurome is a Reeves Turtle who can not swim swiftly like Papoe (a pink belly short neck turtle) and Kroten (a red eared slider)…therefore I have my concern. Papoe and Kurome live in the same tank. I want it to have more water so that Papoe can swim leasurely but Kurome can’t swim all day long, it’ll tired him out.

From June to October, the water has been gradually increased and I am proud to say that the water level is not appropriate for both of them :)


I have learned (through a lot of reading) that it’s okay to have deep water for reeves turtle as long as we provide it with easy access to the surface. To make both of my babies happy, the water is now deep enough with a lot of rock stairs and 2 floating docks Continue reading