13 Sea Turtle Pictures From Gili Trawangan

It’s Thursday, so it’s time to share Thursday Thirteen ;)

Do you still remember about my mom’s trip to Lombok to hike Mount Rinjani? (you can see it> Here), she didn’t only hike to the mountain, she also visit the famous island Gili Trawangan. It’s famous amongst foreigner tourist. My Mom even said she felt like a minority there as there are more westerners than Indonesian….I can’t say much about that, to know more you have to read her blog (She will publish the story tomorrow)


The Crowded Gili Trawangan Island

She is not a beach person so she got easily bored there till she saw a sea turtle conservation. She immediately took pictures of those babies. Sea turtle is Indonesia language is Penyu and the baby is called Tukik.

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If I had a Tattoo

My religion doesn’t allow me to have tattoo because it will block the water when we had Wudhu (cleaning before praying), however we are allowed to have temporary tattoo using henna because henna doesn’t block our skin’s pores.

One of my students is really talented in drawing with henna (you can see some pictures using henna here> google). I asked her to draw a simple one…which is a turtle ;)


Too bad she draws it upside down, it is seen from her point of view when she draws it. But I like it anyway :)

When I get home, I immediately take picture of my turtles near my temporary tattoo ;) Continue reading

WW: Kame’s One Hand, Two Hand

I haven’t shared Kame’s pic in a while and I feel like today is the best day to share her again :)

She always showed affection whenever I was around. Love her to bits, even till this day.

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My New Tail

Remember my tail incident last year? If you have forgotten it, you can read it again here> Update on Kurome: The Vet and Healing Up. If you don’t have time to read it, here’s how my tail looked like at that time

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We Are Teachers

Last Friday (January 23), Mommy took us to her school to teach the little ones about Turtles :)

Mommy teaches junior and senior high school, but her school starts from pre-k till high school. One of the Kindergarten teachers asked Mommy to share about us. She immediately agreed…well, she always likes to brag about us ;)

The class was K-2 (Kindergarten level 2…or something like that). She prepared a simple presentation.

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I am featured again!!!

I think we had mentioned that we have an instagram account (here), mommy mostly shares about us but sometimes also about her trip and students….but, again, mostly us ;)

There are two accounts that she likes so much, they are @_iliketurtles and @insta_turtle_addicts . She likes it because those accounts share beautiful turtles’ pics.

 I was lucky to be featured in I like turtles TWICE and recently I was shared in Insta Turtle Addicts. I was thrilled!

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WW : Super Cute Dust

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New Ramp

I clean my turtle’s tank once a month, sometimes it became so dirty before a month, sometimes it was still not dirty even after a month. No matter how often I clean the filter, eventually the water still becomes dirty.

Last month when I was cleaning the tank, I noticed that Kroten’s basking area needed an updated…well not the whole basking area, only the ramp.

Here’s her basking area:

The ramp had whitish thing on it. I suspected it was fungus…but I couldn’t be sure about it. The only thing I knew for sure was that I need to replace it. Continue reading

She’s Back!!!

She’s back!!!

Which also means…we’re back in the blogging world :)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR FRIENDS (((hug)))

Thank you for always being our net-friends, for always being there, and for everything.

We will reply every comments left here and soon visit you all.

Mommy went for more than a week but she never forgot about us, she carried us all the way to Mount Rinjani.

This is our picture on Mount Rinjani with Segara Anak lake as the background.


Mommy made a sign saying she loves us. Continue reading

…and She is leaving us again!

School holiday has started…which only means 1 thing!!

She is going on a holiday spree again….leaving all three of us in the dorm all by ourselves. It’s party time for us but it’s worry time for her ;)


She is going away for 10 days. She will leave tonight at 8 and back home early morning on January 3. She is going to the Island of Lombok to hike one of the tallest mountain in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani. Continue reading