Missing In Action

Dear friends,

We are so very sorry that we haven’t been updating our blog for almost 2 months now. Mommy has been extremely busy with both her work and her private life. She is still loving and carting us dearly, she never forgets us…BUT she hardly has time to blog. She even updated her blog once a month.

Anyway, we are planning to change that to at least once a week (fingers cross).

We are still healthy and happy. I have shed away all the fungus on my carapace (will write about it soon), Kurome and Papoe are also doing great.

I hope everyone are also doing great since we weren’t able to visit you guys. We missed you all so much and will start visiting you all again somewhere this week.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from our instagram showing the two and three of us :)

Papoe and I


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Kurome of Instagram

Finally!! My turn :)

It took longer time for my post to be posted because Mommy had returned to her super busy schedule. She hasn’t even update her blog yet…I think she has abandoned the blog for more than 2 weeks now.

Anyway, we still have A LOT of pictures from instagram to share but this will be our last post till a couple of months ahead. We don’t want our blog to be filled only with pictures from our instagram.

Here’s a little secret I want to tell you ;)

I am Mommy’s favorite!! :)

She loves all of us but my big black eyes always melt her heart….plus I am incredibly tame.

#1 Kissing Mommy’s arm

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Papoe of Instagram

Kroten has had her share of Instagram pics last week…it’s my time now.

We are planning to share it by age…although we all think that Kurome is older than me BUT I live in this home before him ;)


Mommy edited this a little so that I can look like a movie star with sexy leg ;)

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Kroten of Instagram

For the next three weeks, we will be sharing our pics and video in Instagram. All the pictures and videos were taken using Mommy’s mobile phone…therefore, the Quality might not be that good but we are quite happy that a lot of people like the pictures/videos

We will begin with my pics and videos…next week will be Papoe and the week after that will be Kurome.

Enjoy :)

Me enjoying the sun on my basking area. It only happens for a few months, after that the sun shifts to another spot.


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It’s a Scary World Out There

Mommy and I were looking for how big I can be…as I haven’t grown much lately. I am now about 8 to 9 cm in length.

According to reptilemagazine.com:

Even the larger ‘megalocephala’ form of Reeve’s turtle rarely exceeds 9 inches, and specimens of the typical form are not normally more than 6 inches in length.

According to Chelonia.com:

Adult Reeve’s turtles typically reach a maximum of 12 cm (5 inches) but area variants have been known to reach 30 cm (12 inches) in length

According to turtle source:

With a maximum size of only 4 – 5 inches, Reeves Turtles make excellent first turtles.

You see…mostly we won’t grow over 5 inches (around 12 cm)…I still have 4 to 5 cm to grow ;)

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Turtle Fact #12: Tricking Turtles to Eat Vegetable and Cuttlebone

This post can be considered as an extended post from Turtle Fact #5 : What to Eat and What Not to Eat. That post has a list of good food for turtles.

Turtles need to eat Cuttlebone as source of calcium and they also need to eat vegetables. My Kurome, a Reeves Turtle is the kind of turtle which is more carnivore than herbivore. Kroten and Papoe are omnivore but tend to be herbivore as they get older.

I have no problem introducing Papoe to vegetable…BUT she never touches her cuttlebone even though she is now in shedding process.

Since  Kurome is more carnivore, I didn’t force him to eat veggies…however, he also refuses to eat cuttle bone. He needs it because he is the only one who hasn’t shed yet.

I already shared one recipe before but I didn’t put it in the turtle fact section…since many often ask how to make their turtle eat vegetables and cuttlebone…so I am now sharing it in Turtle Fact Section. Hope this npost an give ideas to all Turtle’s mommy or daddy :)

Step 1:

Cut the cuttlebone into small pieces. Put it in the blender along with pellets. The smell from the pellet will help the turtles think that it’s a pellet instead of cuttlebone or veggie. Once you have a powdered cuttlebone+pellet, put it in a container because you are not going to use them all at once.

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One Day in The Park – Part 2

I AM BACK!!!!! \(^_^)/ After a looooong holiday, I am finally back at work…which mean back into active blogging again ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I had shared One Day In The Park – Part 1, now it’s time to share the PART 2 of that day. They always go to school parks at least once a week. Usually, nothing much happened…well I did get amazingly cute photos of them every time they had their walk in the park which I shared mostly in instagram (I will share the best here one day).

However on this one special day we had 2 things happening, one curious cat and letting my little ones walk around the bushes…I don’t usually do that because I don’t want to loose them but I guess once in a while it’s okay ;)

There is one photo with the cat that I forgot to share in Part 1. Here’s the cat seriously looking at Kroten while Kroten didn’t care at all with her.


After the cat left, the adventure of the little ones began!!

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Eid Mubarak (Eid al-Fitr 1456 Hijriah)


Happy Eid-ul Fitr to all Muslims around the world, may Allah bless our life forever.

To all my non Muslim friends, in this happy day I wish you all abundant happiness throughout your life. I am blessed to have such nice friends like you :)

This is the day of togetherness and forgiveness, please accept our sincere apology to all the wrongdoings we had done to you, both intentionally and unintentionally.

After a month of fasting from the time the sun rises till the time the sun sets, Idhul Fitri (Eid al-Fitr in Indonesian language) is always a joyful moment for us. Hope everyone around the world feel the same. All my pray goes to all the Muslim in conflict countries, may Allah always shines upon you in your hard times. Amin.

One Day in The Park – Part 1

This happened a week before the holiday started but I had no time to write about this till today. It’s going to be a story with lots of pictures…so I divided it into two parts.

I have been taking them to the school’s park every Saturday (every Wednesday and Saturday during the holiday as those were the times when I visited my dorm). Usually, there’s nothing much happen but that day…something different happened ;)

This is how the park look like:

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Look at How I have Grown \(^-^)/

In August 2014, Mommy has shared 2 posts about me catching up to my brother and sister.

With Kroten> here’s the post. I was this big:

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