War Against Fungus

Kroten has always had problems with her shell. When I brought her home, she had some spots showing shell rot. As she grows up, she started having fungus which I finally able to get rid off ( Tending my fungus )…but this annoying fungus somehow came back with a vengeance, it came back UNDER Kroten’s scutes, how I am going to cure that?

A very helpful post at redearslider.com under the title History of Curing a Turtle’s Shell gave me hope of curing Kroten’s shell. But even so, I will have to wait for her to shed all her retaining scutes. She has been doing really well lately and more scutes are loosing now :)

Here are pictures to show the progress of Kroten’s shell:

You can see in these two pics how fungus had infected Kroten’s shell and it lies under her retaining scutes.

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Plastron Pattern

Hello Friends :)

It’s been a while since I wrote a post. Mommy is currently on holiday so she stays at her brother’s house HOWEVER since we are always on her mind, she comes every three days to her dorm to check on us and to play with us :)

If there are other peoples in the dorm, she would stay for a night (she won’t stay if no one is in the dorm, she says the dorm is too spooky). Last night she stayed with us… yeaaa \(^_^)/ I slept with her last night and after writing this we will go to the park to enjoy the sunlight :)

I am here to share part of our series post (or is it post series??) called Our Differences. We, turtles, have different Plastron pattern…even the same species have different patterns (with some similarity). Note: All borrowed pictures are smaller than ours so that you have to click on the image to see the original pictures ;)

Let’s begin with my plastron ;)


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13 Getting Down and Dirty Pictures – part 2

School’s holiday is already started and it’s going to be a very long holiday, about 1.5 month. For Indonesia, that is very long as we usually only have 2 week holiday. This long holiday is because of Fasting Month (Ramadhan) which will start tomorrow, therefore before I begin my post I would like to say:

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims around the world. In this month of blessings, may Allah always guards us from evil deeds.

However, holiday means that I have to leave my babies alone in the dorm. I have to go back to my brother’s house. I will be visiting my dorm every once in three days so that I can spend time with them. I don’t want to stay in the dorm because there’s no one during holiday and it’s kinda spooky here…so I am going to miss my babies.

Last month, I shared 13 pictures of my turtles with the camera on their level. On that post I mentioned that those 13 pics aren’t the best…For me, these next 13 pictures are the best, these pictures shows how adorable they are and that’s why I love them so much.

Kurome seen from Kroten’s level


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WW : Kame Enjoying Her Bed

It’s been a while since I shared my lovely Kame (May she always accompanies my mom in Barzah), I hope you don’t get bored with my first turtle’s pic. She is always loved even when she isn’t here anymore.

Kame always enjoyed sleeping on any piece of fabric, here are pictures of her enjoying her new ‘bed;)


“Is this new, Mom?”

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Our Second Black and White Sunday

I am in the mood for sharing black and white version of my babies :)

Our first B&W pics were shared in 2013>> here

1 (72)

Cute Little Papoe

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Amazing Drawing by Emma Hsiao

We are once again blessed by talented friends :)

As we had already mentioned (several times) that our mommy can’t draw at all…but someone always draws us wholeheartedly :)

This time, Emma Hsiao, Mommy of Slate and Scoria has drawn a digital drawing of us. She was inspired by our previous post called 13 Getting Down and Dirty Pictures. She also shared it at her blog >> Digital Drawings for Underneath The Shell.

Here’s my drawing :)

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Papoe is NOW a She

When I first introduced Papoe in this blog, in a post called Introducing Papoe; I wrote these sentences:

Papoe is still 3,4 cm x 3,5 cm in wide and height, this measurement is not enough to  tell his gender yet…however, I need to refer him to either she or he (I don’t want to call Papoe as ‘it’). Until he is at least 8 cm in height, I will always call him as my boy. But I need to remind you that HE COULD BE A SHE ONE DAY ;)

Well…he is that big now AND Papoe is no longer a boy, Papoe is a GIRL. I have suspected that since last year but I waited till she is big enough. There is no doubt anymore for me.

Look at this picture:

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Happy World Turtle Day :)

Mommy has been quite busy lately with the report card and other school stuff so she hasn’t had the time to edit our picture like last year> World Turtle Day 2014

…but she still manages to do this :)

World turtle day

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A Message of Love from Mount Gede

First of all….yeaaaa \(^_^)/ the internet is back!!

I am so glad I can share this on time ;)

Mommy went to Mount Gede last weekend. It was her first mountain, she visited Mount Gede again after more than 15 years. And just like before, Mommy carried a paper saying she loves us…all the way from 2958 meteres above the sea level ;)

The first picture was early morning so it was still still a bit dark but you can still see the background

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13 Getting Down and Dirty Pictures

First of all, this has been a sad week. There’s no internet in my dorm :( I posted this when I am in the office after work-time. Anyway, sorry if we can’t reply you soon.

Last week, I read a wonderful post by Susan at Life With Dogs and Cats called Getting Down and Dirty: Pet Photography Tips. It’s about taking pictures of our pet on the same level as them. I have such pictures when they are on their basking area, I haven’t yet done that when I set my babies on the garden because I was in some way didn’t to get dirty. I tried it last weekend and the results were great.

These are only a sample of 13 pictures, not the best (I will share my favorite, which I consider the best soon :) )


All three of them but the result was blurry because it focused more on the grass

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