Happy World Turtle Day :)

Mommy has been quite busy lately with the report card and other school stuff so she hasn’t had the time to edit our picture like last year> World Turtle Day 2014

…but she still manages to do this :)

World turtle day

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A Message of Love from Mount Gede

First of all….yeaaaa \(^_^)/ the internet is back!!

I am so glad I can share this on time ;)

Mommy went to Mount Gede last weekend. It was her first mountain, she visited Mount Gede again after more than 15 years. And just like before, Mommy carried a paper saying she loves us…all the way from 2958 meteres above the sea level ;)

The first picture was early morning so it was still still a bit dark but you can still see the background

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13 Getting Down and Dirty Pictures

First of all, this has been a sad week. There’s no internet in my dorm :( I posted this when I am in the office after work-time. Anyway, sorry if we can’t reply you soon.

Last week, I read a wonderful post by Susan at Life With Dogs and Cats called Getting Down and Dirty: Pet Photography Tips. It’s about taking pictures of our pet on the same level as them. I have such pictures when they are on their basking area, I haven’t yet done that when I set my babies on the garden because I was in some way didn’t to get dirty. I tried it last weekend and the results were great.

These are only a sample of 13 pictures, not the best (I will share my favorite, which I consider the best soon :) )


All three of them but the result was blurry because it focused more on the grass

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Back To School

After our wonderful success as teachers in Kindargaten-2 (the post was called We Are Teachers), we were invited again to teach Pre-K.

Last time in K-2, we taught them about animal growth and animal cycle; here in Pre-K we taught them about being a pet. This time Mommy only brought me and Papoe, she left our sister, Kroten at the dormitory room because she thought Kroten is too big for this little human.


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Unusual Sleeping Position #13: Kame – Head Up

Back in June 2013, I began my series of Unusual Sleeping Position…but after October 2013 I didn’t post any Unusual Sleeping Position anymore. I realized this when I dug up some old picture of my dearest (late) Kame. She often slept in this position, I found several pictures of her sleeping with her head up. Such a cute turtle :)


Drifting to sleep

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Herptile Spotlight : The Emyduras

It’s been a while since our last Herptile Spotlight. Kroten used to be the one writing this, but I am taking control for now because it’s a bit scientific now.

The reason why I suddenly want to write this is because there are so many people who seemed to confuse between these three emyduras: Emydura Sublogosa, Emydura Schultzei and Emydura Novaeguineae.

It’s actually easy to differentiate Emydura Sublogosa to the other two Emyduras, the one that is difficult to tell apart is between Emydura Schultzei and Emydura Novaeguineae. To be honest, I am still unsure which one is Papoe’s species; Schultzei or Novaeguineae.

According to this Journal :

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A Message of Love from Mount Ciremai

The title says it all ;)

Mommy went to Mount Ciremai last weekend and sent us this message.


It was too bright from this angle, we couldn’t see the words

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WW : Band New Camera

Mommy’s camera case is a good place to hide ;)
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Mommy’s Other Love

We have just found out (she is trying to keep it as a secret from us) that Mommy now has another love!!

Mommy always wanted a cat but she never got one (well, one when she was in her teen but only for a couple of months) because of her asthma.

Now…she gets her wish to have a cat..well, more like her brother’s family cat. So, for the past few months she had been loving that awful kitty every weekend. When she came home and left us all alone in her dorm, she was enjoying her time playing with her pet-nephew (not only her Hu-nephew now).

She has lots of his pics in her mobile which is unacceptable, it supposed to be only us in her mobile phone!

Anyway, this not so cute cat is called Gembul. He sometimes sleeps with Mommy (there’s one pic in her mobile showing him sleeping on her arm) and chases her for food.

I am going to share his pic, I think you all will agree with me that HE IS NOT AS CUTE AS US!

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Happy 7th Gotcha Day Dear Kroten

Today is Kroten’s 7th gotcha day :)

Can’t believe I have had her for that long. Since today is also Thursday, so I will celebrate this day by sharing 13 photos of her with me :)


Last night picture of her on my hand

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