I have shared the easiest way to differentiate my two girls from their physical look (Part 1 and Part 2). Anyone who sees them directly can easily differentiate one another as they have different color and size.

Now, it is time to share their differences which can be noticed only by me and my family…in other word by anyone who sees them grows up from little baby turtle to their current adult size. There are so many differences I can share here, one post will not be enough. Kame and Kroten are two difference individuals that are so different in many aspects. Like I often said, even if they look exactly the same I can still tell which one is Kame and which one is Kroten.

The first thing I want to talk about is their eating behavior. You might think that turtle eat the same way. That is true in the fact that they need water to eat, if they find food on the floor they will run around to find water as they can’t swallow their food without water. However, their reaction toward food is so different.

When they were baby, Kame was more welcoming than Kroten. I can hand-feed Kame easily, she didn’t run away when seeing my hand. But Kroten moved away from me before finally judging that I was feeding her. However, when Kroten finally trusted me…she acts differently compare to when she was baby. You will see how different she was as you continue reading this post 🙂

Things they eat

Kame grew up eating food with high protein as I didn’t know anything about raising a turtle at that time. I fed her cooked chicken, sausage, live fish and shrimp, pellet, etc. Those kinds of food are really tasty. When I knew that turtle HAVE to eat vegetables, I had to force her to eat vegetables…it was so hard to make her do that. She despised vegetables. She rather ate nothing than eating veggie. It took more than a week of fasting when she finally ate veggie. Her sudden change of food made her a bit careful in eating something new. When given new fruit or veggie, she will smell it 3 to 4 times before she finally decides that it’s okay to eat it. She will bite it and taste it slowly and then decides to spit it out or swallow it. I recently gave her sprout and grape, she ate the grape and spitted the sprout.

Kroten grew up in petshop, when I took her home she ate EVERYTHING I gave her. She was not a picky girl, she is still not picky till this day. She eats any veggie and fruit available. She is a gluttonous turtle. My brother sometimes calls her Kuma (kura maruk, Indonesian for turtle which eat everything). When given new veggie or fruit, she will immediately bite it and swallow it. She never smells it to consider is it edible or not. I could have given her poison and she will eat it unquestionably (but of course I will never do that!!).  Apparently, her appetite for food goes beyond ordinary food. She had already shared her pictures of trying to eat the unusual (you can see it here)

Speed and measurement

Kame is much calmer than Kroten in dealing with food. Kame always eats as if she is really enjoying her food while Kroten always eats as if someone might steal her food so she has to eat them as fast as she can. When I put the food on the basking area so that they will go up to grab the food and go back to the water to swallow it (this is a kind of sport for them), Kame climbs slowly and gets back to water in leisurely movement while Kroten seems like running up and down in her fastest speed.

Because of Kroten’s speed in grabbing her food, she is still unable to measure her distance between biting the food and biting my fingers. I know that her intention is to bite only the food because when I touch her mouth without food in between my fingers, she never opens her mouth to bite my fingers…but her inability to control her excitement upon seeing food makes her difficult to bite only the food. I once gave her a 2,5 cm size food and she still managed to bite my fingers *sigh*. Kame with her patience is the best in measuring distance. She can bite food less than 1cm without biting my fingers. If my nephews/nieces want to hand feed my turtles, I let them do it on Kame because I know she won’t bite them, only the food.

I made this video for you to see the differences.

When they eat together

Kroten is the smaller one but Kroten is stronger than Kame. If they are put together to eat same food in the same tank, Kroten will push Kame away and eat by herself. Kame will just stay alone far from the food. See the picture on the right, Kroten was the one who is eating and Kame was up there in the corner. I know it’s not a clear picture but I believe you can still see it 🙂

I have an interesting story about this eating topic. My mom once teased Kame by showing a leave of vegetable we were going to cook. My mom was only teasing her and then continued preparing the food and then Kame bit her food as if she knew she was being teased. My mom was so surprised and let out a small scream. Hahaha I couldn’t stop laughing seeing that.

That’s all for now. I will share more about their other behavior or personality soon.

I will close this post with 2 pictures of Kame and Kroten eating veggie 🙂

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  1. I have decided if i were a turtle I would be Kroten. I eat EVERYTHING and I eat everything too fast! I loved the video, the photos, EVERYTHING! You did this so beautifully and I learned so much!

    • Kroten says:

      Yaiiii!!!! so glad you like my style of eating Aunt Caren. I thought everyone who love the my calm sister.
      Eating fast saves lots of time and eating everything is healthy…most of the time 😉

      Mommy says thank you for liking her post 🙂

  2. Debbie Adams says:

    Me too, except I don’t eat everything…some things I don’t like, but I do eat very fast.
    This is a wonderful post…both informative and very much enjoyable.
    Deb xx

    • Kroten says:

      Horay 2 to nothing against Kame now \(^^)/
      I know I am going to win this contest of eating, I am ignoring my mommy’s shouting, saying it’s not a competition 😉

      You should try eating everything Aunt Deb. Have you tried television cable, aunt Den? it has a shocking taste 😉

  3. Asop says:

    Awww! “Smooth” photos! 😆 😆

  4. Val says:

    I don’t understand how a turtle – which is a water creature – is intended to eat fruit and vegetables. There isn’t any fruit in the water, is there? (I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just baffled!) We had Terrapins when I was a child – they had to be fed meat. I just had a look online. Are they Slider Turtles? If so.. Nutrition of Turtles and Tortoises.

    • Novroz says:

      Yes they are red ear sliders, in the link you left you can read that sliders eat meat when they are little and dark green vegetables when they grow ups.
      In the wild they eat water plant and other leaves they can find on the land, they will carry the leaves back into the water. Giving meat all the time to a RES will make it start having pyramiding problem. My Kame had that problem in the past. She is a lot better now since she start eating veggie.

  5. Binky says:

    It’s always so interesting to see how different two turtles can be. Their personalities are quite distinct.

    • Novroz says:

      Two turtles are just like two people…they have their own personality. Honestly, when I brought Kroten home I never expected they would be so different.
      This is only in eating department, you will see more how different they are in the next posts. They only thing similar is they are both RES 😉

  6. Eeting is a grayt hobby to hav. Glad yoo tertools lyk it. Eeting is my hobby too. Mooching is an important skill to lern too. If a hyooman is eeting sumfing yoo want yoo gotta giv them big sad eyes then they giv yoo food to eet. This werked for me wiv Daddy a wyl a few moments ago & I mooched sum likrish off hym.

    • Kame says:

      Aha…you should know that we turtles are known as expert food beggar!! We knowhow to manipulate human to feed us more than once a day. I used to do that to mommy till mommy found a site saying we turtles aren’t supposed to eat all the time 😦
      Mommy is now immune to our attempt of begging.

      We envy your tolerance for food, Dixie…I wish we can eat almost anything like you.

  7. […] last post is about Kame and Kroten’s differences in eating behavior. This time, I want to share how difference they are in the way they look at me. This won’t be a […]

  8. Hah! My turtles eat kangkung too! And I also have a turtle that eats everything!

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